Former diplomat Daniel Taub: Peace in the Middle East

The Middle East conflicts have been hard for the international community to deal with. The United Nations has failed to strike any deal between the warring countries. The issues that have stopped a deal from taking place need to be looked at carefully by the international community.

The inefficiency of the mediators has sometimes caused the whole problem. Whenever a peace deal is arrived at, it should be the responsibility of every party in the deal to hold up their part of the bargain.

Some earlier agreement that has been reached between Israel and Palestine has been affected by the inability of the United Nations to fulfill the promises they have made.

When the United Nations accepts to stop arms trade with the Hamas terror group in the Sinai region but then fails to honor the agreement, they leave Israel with no other option than to take steps to protect its territory. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

The Hamas has been a group that has given hell to the Jewish state. Clearly, the peace negotiation that happens in the region has been hampered by the inaction of the united nation especially on offering the services they are supposed to.

Another example is where the UN has failed to offer support in the rebuilding of Gaza, even after Israel has committed millions of dollars to the region. The united nation has not remitted their part offer to assist in the reconstruction. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

The failure by the United Kingdom then puts to question the credibility of the international community to negotiate the peace deal. If they cannot offer the necessary support, then there is no need for them calling on the Jewish country to promote peace. Israel has been doing what it can to maintain peace in the region but has to make sure that there is no aggression on its territory.

Negotiations that are being called for by the United Nations must be based on a solid plan that every party will accept and obey the terms agreed upon. Daniel Taub, the former ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom has condemned some countries that think that the way to get peace in the region is by applying pressure on Israel. He is categorical such plans cannot work.

About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is an international lawyer, an author, and philanthropist. He is the strategy director of a Jerusalem based foundation called Yaniv Hadiv. His main achievement as an ambassador was doubling trade between Israel and the U.K.

Jed McCaleb Exhibits a Wide Range of Tech Expertise

Jed McCaleb is the co-founder of Steller, an open-source protocol for financial exchanges. Along with fellow co-founder, Joyce Kim, the two established the system to enable the lower income members of the population to be able to afford financial services that were previously too expensive. The duo believe that financial advice and services shouldn’t be reserved for just the rich. In the future, with Stellar, everyone may be able to have access to the highest quality services available.


Jed said that he got the idea for Stellar when he realized that Bitcoin could solve many issues with the logistics of cash exchanges. Instead of being typical and starting his own cryptocurrency, he created a protocol to allow banks and other financial institutions to communicate without other in a less expensive manner.


Stellar is already in use by many business, banks and nonprofits across the world. While Jed McCaleb and Stellar will improve the services that lower income individuals in America can afford, their real target are those in undeveloped countries: people who have no access to financial systems.



McCaleb is an expert in the fields of both computer programming and blockchain cryptocurrencies. As well as being the co-founder of Stellar, he also serves as its Chief Technology Officer. He first became known in the tech world as the founder of the peer-to-peer file sharing technology behind the company eDonkey. The work he did for eDonkey has went on to be the standard in the peer to peer world.


As well as eDonkey, Jed McCaleb also created Overnet. Overnet was his second attempt at creating a peer-to-peer network. Overnet used the same technology developed for eDonkey. Eventually the two companies merged to create eDonkey2000.


McCaleb’s career has not just been confined to the file sharing industry. He created the first ever bitcoin exchange called Mt. Gox. Mt. Gox was not originally a bitcoin exchange though, its original purpose was to provide a safe and secure place for Magic: The Gathering Online players to trade their virtual items.

The Eminent Joel Friant of the Original Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant is famous for his Original Habanero Shaker. He says that when served raw, it is not as hot as many people express it. He is, however, fast to add that this does not interfere with the quality of the product. It is important to note that the Original Habanero Shaker is very healthy. It also makes it easier and accurate when using it in recipes as one can know the exact amount needed because it’s pure. The Habanero Shaker that Joel Friant sells is harvested directly from the garden, dried and then packed in a classy way. It is available to any interested parties throughout the world through Amazon at very favorable prices.

Joel Friant is a man of many careers. In 2003, he invested in real estate, which flourished. In 2008, there was a financial crisis that affected various businesses adversely. During this time, he learned that some investors were able to cope with the challenges and come out successful while most investors crashed. This made Friant curious, and he began researching on what was the cause of the difference. He has been dedicated to educating and motivating individuals on becoming better entrepreneurs since then.

Joel Friant is keen on teaching his students that success is in their minds. He further elaborates that we attract the same kind of vibrations that we send to the world. This means that if you need to attract positive people in your life, you need to send positive vibrations.

Joel Friant says that he brings his ideas to life by going for bicycle rides. He explains that his mind is clear during this moments. Joel Friant says it is not unusual to see him stopping over to take some notes during his rides. This saves him the pressure of having to remember the important stuff. It also clears his mind to accommodate new ideas.

Despite his success, he also made some mistakes on his way to the top. Friant says he associated with the wrong people. He failed to believe in himself and give out his power. He finally got tired of the same unproductive results and stood up for himself.

More on Joel Friant:

DAMAC Properties Launches Reva Residences at Business Bay

DAMAC Properties just announced the launch of a new, residential apartment near Business Bay. Reva Residences is a luxury apartment that features one and two bedrooms, facing the beautiful, Dubai Canal.


Background Information


At Reva Residences, clients will discover luxurious apartments featuring a lavish lifestyle. The apartments offer a full-range dining area with entertainment as well as perfect retail choices. The neighborhood has a comfortable environment where people can unwind. Apart from that, clients will agree that the area has a one-stop shopping mall for all goods. There are also mouth-watering cuisines that will leave users coming back for more.




At Reva Residences, the client is the king. The management has trained professionals to provide top-notch services to clients. Clients can wake up every day to the view of a spectacular environment. Reva Residences comfort the heart’s desires in many ways including having stylish interiors, fitted kitchen tops as well as spacious bathrooms.


Business Bay


Why are the apartments located at Business Bay? Business Bay is becoming Dubai’s, major business center. It is one-stop shopping area for most residents and travelers. Business Bay offers you lavish lifestyle coupled with elegance and breathtaking views. In Niall McLoughlin’s statement, Business Bay is affordable to many including the least earning investors. The overall position of the business center attracts executive investors as well.



Behind the exquisite apartments is excellent leadership by Hussain Sajwani. The DAMAC owner founded the company in 2012. Until now, it is known as a leading property developer in UAE. Hussain Sajwani is the chief executive officer of DAMAC Properties. He works with his employees to deliver the best commercial and residential properties. To elevate this brand, he creates entrepreneurial networks with high-profile individuals like Donald Trump and billionaire associates.


Additional Information


The DAMAC owner attended Washington University. He began his career as a contract manager for GASCO. This is an affiliate of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. He later established a sole proprietorship in 1982. That was a food catering business. His know-how, as well as expertise in property development, is admired. He has skills in finance and management, administration as well as project management. Such skills make him an instrumental leader in Dubai’s property development market.

How Hussain Sajwani Developed As An Entrepreneur Early In Life

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of DAMAC Properties, a real estate development firm headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He serves as this firms chairman of the board and chief executive officer. His company develops real estate projects globally and was founded by him in 2002. He studied at the University of Washington and has two bachelor’s degrees, one in economics and the other in industrial engineering.

The first business that Hussain Sajwani established was a catering firm. This was in 1982 and he grew the company into a leader in the industry. It now manages 200 projects across the Middle East, the CIS, and in Africa. It serves more than 150,000 meals each day with a major client being the United States military.

Starting in 2002, Hussain Sajwani pioneered property market expansion in and around Dubai when the country opened up its real estate to foreign buyers. He saw the opportunity this development presented to him and so launched DAMAC Properties. He has now developed properties in many cities in the Middle East like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Riyadh, Doha, Jeddah, and others. He also recently completed a project in London, UK. So far he has delivered close to 18,000 homes and he and his team at DAMAC Properties have another 44,000 in the process of being built.

In addition to the catering business and real estate development, Hussain Sajwani also successfully invests in other businesses and capital markets. He has a portfolio of investments that include regional companies as well as those that are global in nature. It is due to these activities that he has been listed as one of the 100 most globally influential Arabs in the world.

Hussain Sajwani says that he was introduced to entrepreneurialism at a young age. When he was growing up he often helped in the business his father owned. When he attended college in the United States he made money by selling time-share apartments when not studying. The money he made from doing this was what enabled him to launch his first company upon his arrival back in Dubai.

AvaTrade Review for the Expert Financial Trader

Established in 2006, AvaTrade is a leading online web-based financial trading brokerage. With their headquarters in Dublin, Ireland they offer web-based trading throughout the world. They maintain offices throughout the world in cities such as New York , Paris, and Milan. The company has two trading platforms, including Avatrader and Metatrader 4. The brokerage is licensed by the EU, (European Union). This premier trading platform is one of the first to offer online forex and cryptocurrency trading. To benefit financial traders, this licensed brokerage offers some of the largest online bonuses of any online trading platform.


Avatrade has several different accounts for both novice and expert financial traders. Novice traders can open an account for one–hundred dollars. Advanced or expert traders may prefer the gold account with a minimum balance of one-thousand dollars, or the platinum account with a minimum balance of ten-thousand dollars. AvaTrade offers demo accounts, for novice traders not quite willing to risk their own funds. They handle over sixty-five billion dollars in trading every month.


AvaTrade offers over two-hundred trading instruments on its trading platform. AvaTrader is one of the few licensed trading platforms offering cryptocurrencies, such as the bitcoin. From novice to expert, so long as your meet their trading criteria you can trade cryptocurrency.


This premier trading platform allows both the expert and novice trader to trade online with confidence. AvaTrade offers customer service 24/7 in several different languages including; English, Spanish, French and Italian. They provide outstanding customer support to all their clients, from the expert to the novice trader.


AvaTrade is a tool, offering support and resources designed to benefit both the novice and advanced trader. Avatrade is not a trading bot, that automatically makes trades. This website offers a wealth of trading information for forex and cryptocurrency traders. For the novice trader AvaTrade is vital to successful online currency trading.

The Oxford Club’s Four Central Tips To Success

Investing is something that troubles far too many people. Seeing as money is important to virtually everyone on planet Earth, ignoring the power of investing – when done right, it consistently generates money – is nonsensical.


One big reason why too many people don’t learn about investing is because few sources make sense of finance and how to use financial instruments in one’s favor. The Oxford Club pushed out a piece of literature just last month that informed investors of four great ways to invest their assets properly.


Following is a brief recap of those four investment methodologies. No matter what types of investment strategy one tends to employ in the world of investing, these four tips work with any and all people looking to build wealth through the power of picking up the right financial instruments and making sound decisions while holding them.


Every investor knows to diversify, but how exactly to diversify? Those that doesn’t need results next year should always invest in low-risk funds. Having a workable exit strategy is just as important as diversification, according to The Oxford Club.


Making sure not to trade too much will lower fees, and trading in high volumes will offset any such investment costs.


The Basics Of The Oxford Club

In the late 1980s, Mr. William Bonner – then, the now-successful entrepreneur was just kicking his career off – founded The Oxford Club, then known as the Passport Club. Only in 1991 did the organization modify its name to modify what the group is currently know as.


The Oxford Club, today, has its head office in Baltimore, Maryland, and has about 150,000 members that make effective use of all of the information it shares for a relatively low membership cost, considering how exclusive the advice it sends out is.

Siteline Cabinetry: High Quality Custom Style, Faster

You’re redoing your kitchen, bath, or garage, how exciting! This is your chance to get the functional spaces that you have always wanted and needed in your home. One of the biggest complaints that people say leads them to a remodel of their kitchen, basement, garage, or bathroom is a lack of effective and well-designed storage space. For this reason, when they start their remodel, one of the first things that they look t is how they can redo their cabinets and storage spaces to get a more usable and organized storage plan.


When looking at new cabinet solutions you have two main ways that you could go. The first is to use a customer cabinet builder. This means that you and your designer will have to work out a design and then you will need to work with the builder to construct the cabinets from scratch and then with your contractor to install them once they are delivered. This can all be very time consuming and can be incredibly expensive. This is not to mention the chance of added time to your remodel schedule. The benefit here is that you do get the exact cabinets that you want exactly as you and your designer intended.


The second way is to go to a home store or a kitchen and bath remodeling showroom and select from an offering of prefab cabinet systems. These systems, however, do not offer you the custom fit, or choice of look and feel that you would get with custom built. The advantage here is that you can save a lot of money and you can get your cabinets delivered and installed in a few days in most cases, as they are in the store’s warehouse.


While these two options both have their pluses, they also both have major drawbacks. There is another way, however, Siteline Cabinetry. With Siteline, you can get custom style cabinets, built in much less time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional custom construction. You get all of the high quality, perfect fit, and customization of custom built, but without the hassles, cost, extended fabrication time, or complicated designing. Siteline makes it easy for you to get the new cabinets that you need, exactly how you want them, it’s the best of both worlds.


You start your Siteline journey by taking a tour of their virtual showroom on the Siteline Cabinetry. Here you can play around with their dozens of door styles, hundreds of finished and colors, and of course all of the incredible add-on features that Siteline is known for such as lighting options, convenience options, and even special storage accommodations. No matter what space in your home you are buying cabinets for, or what special needs you have for storage, Siteline has you covered.


Once you have selected the cabinet system that is right for you and customized it exactly as you want, it’s time to sit down with your home remodeling professional. They will go over your choices with you and may make some constructive suggestions as to how you can better take advantage of what Siteline has to offer. Siteline works with thousands of top-rated home pros all over the country so it’s a good bet the home remodeling professional is one of their partners. Once you are ready to place your order they will handle that for you. When you have confirmed your order Siteline will get started building your cabinet system exactly as you have chosen to configure it and to your exact measurements. It’s custom style without the custom build hassles. Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for your new cabinets to be delivered right to your door, ready for your home remodeling professional to install when you are ready.


Head over to the Siteline now and start looking around in their virtual showroom. There are thousands of possible configurations available so you are sure to be able to put together the perfect combination for your space and way of living. Siteline makes buying new cabinets easy, so you can easily make your home beautiful.

Sheldon Lavin is Successfully Guiding OSI Group

A leader’s leadership style affects the productivity of employees. A good leader sets the right leadership tone for employees to adopt and succeed through. This description fits Sheldon Lavin, the chief executive officer of OSI Group. Lavin has been instrumental in guiding OSI’s employees to achieve the best. With his guidance, OSI Group has expanded its territory. This proves that Sheldon is a competent leader.


Lavin has been working for the meat industry for about 43 years. Before joining the industry, he worked in the banking sector. He managed a consulting firm. Lavin helped clients to make critical financial decisions. He crafted the art of providing the right resources for their businesses. Lavin became the chief executive officer of OSI Group following his experience. Until now, he is remembered for upholding the company’s ethics and guiding his team to success.

Sheldon’s Contribution

Lavin’s contribution to OSI Group includes overseeing the acquisition of facilities. Baho Foods is one of these facilities. He also chaired the acquisition of Flagship Europe. He believes that OSI Group can handle international, food processing facilities.

Sheldon’s Career

How did he begin? Lavin worked for Otto & Sons. He managed their accounts by organizing their finances. That was in 1970. When the company transitioned into OSI Group, he oversaw the transition. Sheldon learned the ropes of the business as he managed all accounts. When the owner of the company retired, Sheldon was appointed the head cheerleader. He joined the board of directors on a full-time basis.


OSI Group has become a leading company that deals with meat-based products. The private meat supplier has been expanding its operations through Europe as well as North America since 1970. Spreading through Taiwan into South America, OSI Group is applauded for emerging a winner in the competitive industry. One aspect that the company considers to be its selling point is its ability to produce health-based meat products. OSI Group prides itself on being a leading food manufacturer. Sheldon Lavin Continues Global Expansion of OSI Group With Commitment To Green Innovations

Additional Information

In 2016, Lavin received an award called the Global Visionary Award. The event was hosted in India. Numerous accomplished leaders attended the ceremony. This award recognizes leaders who have had an impact on an organization. Following Lavin’s commitment to OSI Group, he was worth receiving the award. Lavin’s leadership style has great influence on OSI Group. He is focused on coming up with new strategies for the success of the company. OSI acquires UK’s Flagship Europe

Improve Your Dental Outlook With MB2 Dental.

Why MB2 Is A Preferred Dental Network

Dentistry has become a very popular network as thousands of customers are choosing to enhance or maintenance their smile. In an appearance driven society more people including the industry’s elite are affixed on improving their smile. Their most popular dental service has been teeth whitening and correction. Don’t be fooled with the myth of expensive, painful, and long recovery times associated with traditional dentistry. Lead dentist at MB2, Dr. Villanueva says, making his patients a part of their comprehensive dentistry model is equally as important as quality care and affordability.

They invite you to a spa dental environment that teaches adults and children the importance of taking care of their teeth, how your teeth contribute to digestion, and how to brush and floss properly. Your child will receive a fun dental fact sheet after every visit. If you’re not confident about you face-to-face interactions because of poor oral care health, MB2 Dental can help. Their technologically advanced features get you back to work fast with a far less recovery time in comparison to local area competitors that still model their dentistry with traditional methods. Your smile will be the the only one you’ll get in this lifetime and should be trusted in the heads of dental care experts.

Practical MB2 Dental Services

– dental x-rays

– dental referrals

– orthodontist referrals

– holistic/alternative sedation

– crooked/spaced/knocked-out tooth

– personalized care

– in-house financing

– braces clear/traditional

– root canals

– gum disease

– dental counseling

– oral cancer screenings

Ironically, you never have to worry about forfeiting the necessary dental care you or a love one needs because of limited resources with MB2 Dental in-house financing options. Pay for the dental care you need on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.MB2 Dental has a comprehensive dental plan with the essentials of personalized attention. Their lead doctor shows you how not taking care of your teeth can jeopardize your digestion. When you can’t chew, it makes it hard to properly digest your food. Their friendly team of professionals will give you a thorough free consultation to discover a routine maintenance or repair model for your smile. Get the confidence you need to land a modeling or entertainment career by enhancing your smile. Enjoy one of several popular MB2 Dental locations and get back to work or school immediately following most procedures.