Julie Zuckerberg: A Success Story

Julie Zuckerberg is an executive recruiter whose expertise is acquiring and managing brilliant individuals. She is currently employed at Deutsche Bank where she works with corporate powerhouses to develop and carry out recruitment strategies, provides training to her recruiting team, counsels leading executives, manage company relationships, and negotiate offers for high-level positions. Zuckerberg has been a great asset to every company she has served in and is highly recognized in her industry for her professionalism and proficiency.


Career History


The rising star got her first break in Hudson in 2002 where she was selected to lead the role of candidate placement for law firms and business organizations. She filled positions of attorneys, paralegals, managers, temp workers, and more. She also acted as a bridge between companies and their workforce to resolve conflicts and enhance working relations.


Julie moved to Citi Global Functions in 2007 where she served as their executive recruiter and handled the recruitment of senior staffs in several departments. She also extended her services to CitiCards and CitiGlobal. Her ingenuity was displayed in her unique methods of finding qualified candidates including using social media, internet platforms, valid referrals and direct sourcing.


Zuckerberg extended her work experience in 2013 when she moved to the New York Life Insurance Company. Once again her stellar performance was quickly noticed and she was given the role of Senior Recruiter and Vice President at the Company. Her responsibility ranged from acquiring, interviewing, training and resolving issues with employees as well as human resources, applicant tracking and recording, and leadership


In 2015, Julie began to serve in Deutsche bank an investment bank that originated from Germany in 1870. She swiftly rose to the position of Executive Recruiter and works with both private and commercial business leaders to develop efficient talent recruitment strategies. Julie is also in charge of handling offers for management level positions and uses her expertise and experience to train a team of professionals in her field that she manages.




Zuckerberg began her educational life pursuing a degree in Philosophy from City University of New York-Brooklyn College. After graduating, she continued to the New York Law School, where she earned the Juris Doctor degree (JD) before eventually deciding to settle in the field of recruitment.


Interests and Hobbies


Outside of her professional life, Julie is heavily involved in charity and volunteers for several charitable causes including animal charities, arts and culture charities, economic issues, and more. She also organizes seminars for teaching and helping those in the recruitment industry advance in the highly competitive career.


To unwind, Julie engages in one of her many hobbies including running, photography and discovering new art and technology. Her social media involvement includes a Twitter account (@juliezuckerberg) and Pinterest profile under her name.


It is clear that Zuckerberg’s career is far from its peak despite her many achievements. But so far she stands as evidence that hard work and excellence pays.

Ryan Emmons

According to Closet Samples, when Ryan Emmons started marketing his brand to consumers, few noticed the potential of Waiakea Water. For a young entrepreneur in his 20s, it was often difficult for Ryan to convince large chain stores to accept his proposal that consumers will like the idea of a bottle water, which has multiple selling points. Accordingly, the brand sold only a few thousand bottled water in its first year, in 2012.

However, the idea of a healthy and clean bottled water that is also carbon neutral started to attract more consumers in the following years. In fact, the initiative of the brand to contribute towards clean water efforts in Africa also helped create awareness.

According to Ladisco, Waiakea Water has become one of the fastest growing brands in the country. Since 2012, it has seen a massive growth of approximately 5000 percent. Every year, the company grows by more than 170 percent contributing to the regular sales of the bottled water.

Based on the success, the brand now markets itself in 30 U.S. States. Recently, it has also started selling its bottled water in international markets. Even large chains such as Wawa and Whole Foods are taking notice of the success. Currently, the bottled water is sold in more than 2000 stores.

Explaining the success of his brand, Ryan Emmons, explained that the triple bottom line platform focused on health, sustainability, and charitable initiatives. As such, the company creates awareness of a healthy initiative by describing how the Volcanic Waiakea Spring water is full of important mineral content including magnesium, potassium, and calcium. In addition, the mineral is complemented by alkaline and electrolyte, which helps reduce acid reflex. Learn more about Waiakea Water: https://www.facebook.com/Waiakea/

Besides healthy features, many customers are also attracted to the Waiakea water brand because the company donates nearly 650 ml of pure water to Africa for every 1 litre of water sold. Overall, it means that Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has contributed approximately 500 Million liters of water to African communities.

Similarly, bottles are manufactured from the recycled content, which help save 85% energy compared to traditional manufacturing process. Due to its efforts, the brand is also designated as the first carbon neutral bottled water company in the United States.

Don Ressler’s All-Inclusive Approach Of JustFab

JustFab is one of the fastest growing fashion brands worldwide. It has made a lot of progress towards achieving success. Its co-founders and Chief Executive Officers Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg know how to spot the latest trends, grow businesses to its peak and develop leading brands. It has always been their dream hence they do it with a combination of fun and passion.

They started by selling a business plan which offered their customers latest trends on TechStyle, unique products, diversity and a growing line of cutting edge clothing. One thing that has made JustFab a growing and successful company are that the creators are always looking for new ways to expand their company.

They have worked with the right group of people and crafted their business according to the demands of their customers. This has made the company an all shining star. Their business models on Internet Retailer.com have not only gained them loyal customers and a tonne of subscribers but also a chance to become a global success.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg always make sure that they have a lot of unique and fashionable products for people of different shapes and sizes. One main secret about Don Ressler is that he takes the time to learn about new members so that they can provide products according to their taste and requirements. They are also willing to oblige for any changes in the tastes and demands of their existing members. JustFab’s strategy not only retains their existing customers but also brings many new customers.

Many companies that provide attractive clothing seem to limit their products to a certain size. Plus-size or above the “limit” people tend to be stuck with clothes that are rather basic. This is rather frustrating for plus-size people that are conscious about their style. One of the biggest news is that JustFab is looking to be all inclusive at https://www.crunchbase.com/person/don-ressler/timeline. People with all sort of different shapes and sizes will get to enjoy stylish and trendy clothing that JustFab has to offer and at a very affordable price.

Don Ressler himself has stated that he wants each and everyone to be able to look and feel good. Great style and elegant outfits do not have to be limited to just a selected group of people. Plus size people also have that right.

Why Covers is the Best Resource for College Basketball Betting

If you would like to earn enough money from college basketball betting, then the first thing to do should be to understand the industry. Many people today have embraced betting as a full-time activity. These groups know how to navigate the betting industry and earn huge returns. There are different ways to analyze outcomes and win several bets. One of the most important lessons is how to avoid losing. Betting may first seem like a game of chance. However, when you understand how it works, you will be able to analyze matches well and win. Betting is all about analyzing information. You need to examine each time to make the right decisions and have a winning team.

Betting is a huge industry. It has attracted everyone from every field to come and try their luck. Several companies started ten years ago and have been lucky for supporting betting. College basketball betting is one of the most prosperous areas of betting. Companies have invested a lot of money in this field. People that understand how to pursue college betting have reaped great rewards and benefits in the industry. The good thing is that there is always an opportunity for anyone that is ready to make a proper analysis and gain useful information.

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Once you start using the site, you will be able to view the performance of various teams. The performances will be analyzed based on past records and the daily performance of the tea. The information should assist you to calculate the chances of having a winning team. You should thus get correct information to making the right matches. Getting enough information from the site should assist you to make the best betting odds.

Betting is a lot like investing. Investing takes money to make any money. The amount of money you put aside for investing should bring adequate returns.