Jeunesse Global proves real weight loss is possible with Zen Bodi

The weight-loss industry is one of those sectors that has always had the real potential to benefit the public good but that has always somehow managed to fall short. Perennially beset by a deluge of products that promise the world but only deliver a handful of earth, the global weight-loss industry has been the realm of slick-talking con men and overhyped marketing ploys since its earliest days.

But that is beginning to change. More and more companies are bringing real, proven science to the table, helping people to do more than gain temporary hope for the future. Today, many weight-loss systems are using proven methods to help people not only drop digits on the scale but also to adopt total-health lifestyles that lead to feeling great, living longer and looking one’s best.

Such is the case of Jeunesse Global’s recent foray into the weight-loss market. With the help of some of the top fitness experts in the world, Jeunesse Global has been able to devise a system that it calls the Zen 8 Project. Based on the well-established science of behavioral modification, the Zen 8 Project is light on promises and heavy on getting people to start working towards both serious and achievable health goals.

The basis of the Zen 8 Project is what Jeunesse Global has identified as the three pillars of weight loss. These are the burning of fat, the curbing of appetite and the building of muscle. The Zen 8 Project also comes with its own custom-designed supplement. Known as Zen Bodi, the supplement uses advanced organic science to help users’ bodies directly achieve those three pillars listed above. Zen Bodi is able to organically help curb appetite through special appetite-suppressing, all-natural ingredients. It is also able to help users build muscle through its proprietary catabolic formula. By building muscles, the users will automatically benefit from the fat-burning tendency of high-mass muscle, a fact known well by every bodybuilder. In fact, many bodybuilders are able to maintain competition weights in excess of 300 pounds while achieving body fat percentage in the incredible sub-five range.

With Zen Bodi, these results are now possible for everyone.

Alex Pal of the Chainsmokers on Life as a Musician

During the day, Alex Pall worked at a Manhattan art gallery and at night shifted his job to be a DJ. His manager, Adam Alpert, introduced him to a music producer, Drew Taggart and together they formed The Chainsmokers. In addition to producing music, Alex Pall also writes songs and plays the piano.

Recently the duo, Pall and Taggart, sat down with Mathias Rosenzweig to discuss various topics, like how they met; how they build and keep their identity while being in their specific genre of music; what it was like to work with other musicians; and the type of person they hope will hear and connect to their music.

Alex Pall DJ’d as a side hustle because he loved and was passionate about it. To Pall, being a DJ didn’t feel like work and he loved that feeling. He realized that he wanted to enjoy a career that never felt like work, causing him to make the decision to put all of his energy into his music career. Drew Taggart, who was both Alex and Drew’s manager, introduced the pair and they instantly started working together.

Building a strong identity in a genre of music can be difficult. No matter the genre of music, the goal is to create a sound that stands out, that is different from everyone else’s. There became a point in Alex and Drew’s career where they decided to go for it and create their own sound that blended pop, indie, dance, and hip-hop music. A sound that hadn’t previously been heard in the music industry. In addition, Alex and Drew, write or take part in writing all of their songs, their songs are about them and their lives; this creates and environment that allows them to feel connected to their music.

The duo recently worked with Halsey on a song titled “Closer.” They thought that working with her was an incredible experience. Halsey had been someone that they dreamed about working with so when they had the opportunity to create a song with her it was surreal.

Obviously, as musicians, Alex and Drew want everyone to hear and connect to their music. But, according to Alex Pall, it has been most exciting to see their music become an international phenomenon, popping up in places like the Philippines and South Africa.

Jeunesse Global produces first-ever mental energy drink, with M1nd.

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis had spent a lifetime building successful companies when they decided to finally take a shot at retirement in 2009. The couple believed that they would be able to adjust to the slower pace of retired life, enjoying more time with their grandkids and each other. But they quickly found that leaving the business world left them with a hole in their lives that was not easily replaced. They missed the strong sense of purpose and meaning that came with directing large, successful organizations. Ray and Lewis, as they are quick to admit, were also flat-out addicted to the fast-paced action and excitement of the business world. Within two weeks, their retirement had officially ended.

Ray and Lewis didn’t consciously end their retirement, however. It happened through the formation of a new company, which the couple decided to call Jeunesse Global, incorporating the French world for youth into the title of a company that would be dedicated to helping people stay young, fit and looking their best for years or decades into the future. Started in the couple’s garage, the business quickly took to the sky, growing to nearly $1 million in sales in its first year. Over the next few years, the exponential growth didn’t slow down. By 2018, the company was valued at an estimated $1 billion and represented one of the fastest-growing firms in the global health and beauty industry that had ever existed.

And both Ray and Lewis have managed this tremendous success through the promotion and development of some of the most innovative and effective products that the industry has ever seen. One example is the company’s mental energy drink, M1nd. Being, perhaps, the first cognition-enhancing drink commercially available, M1nd is able to boost cognitive performance across a wide range of measures. It is able to help people maintain high levels of focus in mentally demanding situations. It is also able to instantly counter the effects of sleep deprivation, actually enabling the user to recover IQ points that may have been lost due to the impairment on cognition caused by lack of sleep.

Clayton Hutson Remains a Top Music Producer

Any musician would feel honored to have the opportunity to work with a multitalented, experienced veteran of the music industry such as Clayton Hutson. Over the years, Clayton Hutson has positively impacted the careers of a star-studded assortment of musical artists through his talents in touring and live entertainment production. As one of the most revered live music producers today, he has earned this reputation by ensuring a memorable, one of a kind experience for every single audience member that attends one of his enthralling events. A noteworthy characteristic that separates Clayton Hutson from many other music producers in the industry is his ability to connect with his artists on a more personal level; he consistently makes an effort to take the thoughts and feelings of the artists he works with into consideration. Feedback from his artists about the intricacies of their specific fanbases allow him to incorporate an intimate fan to artists relationship at shows. Clayton Hutson admires artists like Lady Gaga and Pink that do not heavily rely on a large video screen in the background, these two women possess cult-like followings and are set apart because they prioritize art and individuality in their live performances evident from the inclusion of practical attractions such as aerial stunts and acrobatics.


Clayton Hutson has managed to stay relevant in a music industry that is constantly evolving. The unforgiving nature of the music business is one that he has become fully aware of as a result of witnessing bouts of complacency in many artists and producers not striving toward musical progression causing a continuous decline. New technological advancements periodically arise that Clayton Hutson has had to adjust to, such as those that pertain to the live music genre or social media. Having a strong presence on social media platforms has been an important factor for Clayton Hutson to maintain success in the music industry today. Most recently, Clayton Hutson has been chosen to be the 2018 tour manager for young rising pop sensation Halsey on her “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” tour as she travels across the world to locations like Brisbane, Buenos Aires, Montreal, Singapore, Jakarta, and London. On this worldwide live tour managed by Clayton Hutson, Halsey is accompanied by four other talented female vocalists; one is a member of the pop group, Fifth Harmony, Lauren Jauregui and the others include an Indonesian singer named Niki, a Canadian singer named Jessie Reyez and R&B standout Kehlani. Learn more:

Sussex Healthcare Providing Quality Service To The Community

Often, a family is in a crisis situation and are forced to turn to a healthcare organization to provide required care for an elder or disabled family member. Of course, the family would prefer an organization that provides exceptional service.

Sussex Healthcare is a healthcare organization that has been providing quality service and very exceptional service to their community for over 20 years. The organization is located on the southern coast of England. The two very highly experienced and skilled leaders of the organization include Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina.

Sussex Healthcare Specializations
The healthcare organization operates care homes in the local communities. Sussex opened their doors for business back in 1985. Today, the organization operates 20 homes that offer their residents the latest advances in healthcare along with numerous amenities that are not found at many other residential care homes. It is also important to note that Sussex Healthcare specializes in providing customized care to elderly people with dementia, Alzheimer patients, and younger adults with learning or physical disabilities. The organization is equipped with a staff of kind, caring, and understanding individuals that have received the proper training to provide the best quality of care to people in the residential care homes.

Why Sussex Healthcare Is Different
Often, family members and people that are in the care homes soon recognize that Sussex is quite different from some other less advanced care homes. Instead of hiding away the residents in the care homes, they provide them with plenty of leisure, social, and recreational activities to keep their mind and body active in a very positive way. Sussex strongly believes in keeping the mind and body fit. This is the only true way to make sure that the individual is living a very fulfilling and vital life. In addition, Sussex goes the extra mile and provides all their residents with a very delicious and healthy meal plan to keep their bodies and mind strong too.

Organization Leaders
The fact is that an organization is only as good as the leadership at the top. Fortunately, Sussex Healthcare is led by Shiraz Boghani who is a very successful business entrepreneur. The other co-chair of the organization is Shafik Sachedina who is a dental surgeon. Recently, Amanda Morgan-Taylor joined the organization as the new CEO. She brings plenty of experience in healthcare to Sussex. Amanda Morgan-Taylor has also worked as a mental health nurse, before moving up the organizational ladder to a leadership role.

Find more about Sussex Healthcare: