What you need to Know Before Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift in Dallas

A Brazilian butt lift is a surgery that is meant to augment the buttocks to fit a desired shape and size. The process uses fat from other parts of the body to provide the enhancement. A plastic surgeon creates small incisions, which are used to contour the backside. The fat, which is removed from areas with excess tissue, undergoes purification before it is injected into the buttocks. A Brazilian butt lift results in a perky, younger-looking bottom. It works on increasing the volume and consequently, the voluptuousness of the rear end. Dallas, Texas has various locations such as Innovations Medical, Dr. Kevin Light Cosmetic Surgery, and Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery where interested individuals can go for Brazilian butt lift procedures.

Basics of Brazilian Butt Lift

Before the procedure, a doctor will inform you of the drugs to stop using like NSAIDs and certain supplements, which can slow down the healing process. Compared to a traditional buttock augmentation, a Brazilian butt lift is less invasive. It is still a surgical procedure though and therefore, local anesthesia will be administered. General anesthesia or a sedative is only considered if the fat removal procedure will be an extensive one. A surgeon can use any number of techniques, including laser, ultrasonic waves, and vibrations to dissolve the fat. After surgery, a patient can resume normal activities within three weeks or a month, depending on the personal rate of recovery.

Finding the Right Surgeon

It is critical that a Brazilian butt lift surgery is done by a qualified, certified, and experienced professional in Dallas. Cosmetic surgery locations like North Texas Plastic Surgery, Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, and BodEvolve Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa provide before and after photos of patients, as well as testimonials that candidates can use to gauge the quality of service. The cost of a Brazilian butt lift varies among plastic surgeons because it is a customized procedure. However, ask beforehand what the overall rate covers.

WAX Token and Malcolm CasSele Changing the Worlds of Cryptocurrency and Gaming

OPSkins, a company that is considered to be an international leader of in-game virtual assets, is starting a new blockchain platform called WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange).
WAX, a P2P marketplace, will be a place where you can trade virtual assets, using blockchain as a foundation. In this marketplaces, you can make small contracts with sellers and buyers that will be as efficiently as possible.
WAX is also being created to solve two of the biggest problems in digital markets: fragmentation and fraud. These problems are solved I this platform by using a widget that allows users to instantly trade goods without stopping the game that they are playing.
One of the hopes of this new platform is that it will make the virtual asset market less fragment. Right now, the marketplace is a mixture of local and regional marketplaces that can’t really succeed because they hampered by language, processing and hacking concerns They can be only successful in their regions or countries. Blockchain should solve what is handicapping other marketplaces.
The center of WAX is going to be a WAX token. People can turn their gaming assets into tokens and allow them to sell and buy with other players as they are playing games.
Each WAX token will act as a way to get in-game items and smart contracts that you can use to buy, sell, rent and trade.
Mas CasSelle, the Chief Information Officer of OPSkins and the President of WAX, thinks that the WAX token will light the world of cryptocurrency on fire.
Before getting involved in virtual world ventures, CasSelle got a bachelor’s degree from MIT and a master’s degree from Stanford University.
After Stanford, he got involved with start-ups like MediaPass, Xtre, and Tencent in China. He was then hired as Senior Vice President and General Manager in the digital department at SeaChange International. He quickly moved o to be President of New Ventures of tronc, Inc. (used to be Tribune Publishing).
He is now the CIO of OPSkins and the President.
CasSelle and the WAX token could change how people view cryptocurrency and how currency could connect to gaming.

Securus Technologies Acquiring GovNetPay to Master the Money Transfer Services in Correctional Sphere

The inmates have a tough time inside the prison and communicating with their loved ones is essential for their mental well-being. A few years back, there wasn’t much technology available that can enable frequent communication between the inmates and their loved ones, but today there is inmate communication technology available to help inmates communicate with their friends and family at an affordable price. Securus Technologies is a company that has been dominating the inmate communications sectors since its formation in 1986. The company was established as a result of the merger between Evercom and T-Netix.


Securus Technologies believes that it is essential for the company to listen to what the customers have to say and therefore, designs and develops their products accordingly. The feedback of the customers is taken into the account when developing products and services to ensure that the result is precisely what the customers are looking for. Securus Technologies has a technology center based in Dallas, Texas, where the company is developing new age correctional technology for the use of its over 3,450 correctional facilities it serves. The primary goal of the company is to ensure that the law enforcement officers have the technology available to make their tasks at work more comfortable and safer and make communications for inmates much more affordable.


One of the categories of correctional services that Securus Technologies has been aiming to dominate for a long time is payment servicing. Securus Technologies has been offering money transfer services for a long time now and recently announced the acquisition of GovNetPay, which has strengthened their position in the said domain. It would make it easier for the customers of the company to pay their dues to the government agencies with ease through the application and services offered by GovNetPay. GovNetPay’s CEO Mark MacKenzie also said that collaborating with Securus Technologies is going to help expand its capabilities as well as outreach in the corrections space.



James Larkin, the Great Labor Leader

James Larkin was a Liverpool citizen by birth, since the year 1876. His mother Mary Ann McNulty and father James Larkin senior both originally hailed from Ireland, a county by the name Armagh. James Larkin had one elder brother and a couple of younger siblings. However, it is he to whom dependence of the family lay on greatly.

He was educated while he was young of age. His education went on smoothly for a few years until when he turned seven years old. Seven years living in the slums had proven to be tough. His family needed quite some boost considering the fact that Larkin’s father didn’t have that dependable a job.

He, therefore, decided to assist his father putting in effort in providing for the family. He had to balance between his life, school and also work, something he would schedule for the afternoons.

However, this was not new an arrangement in Liverpool. Impoverished families like James Larkin’s took this up too in order to cut less the family’s needs.

His father died seven years later. This was hurting and caused desperation considering the state that the family was in. But they had the will to live, so they lived on since James Larkin decided to try out his father’s post at his firm. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia and James Larkin | Ireland Calling

However, having not gained enough experience and being unripe of age for the work, he was released a few years later.

The two years that James Larkin worked with the firm was enough to provide support. He then searched for employment in every corner of England but to no avail. Luck then saw to it that Larkin became a sailor. Soon after, he became a docker and then a dock foreman.

His socialism began with joining the Independent Labor Party. Soon after this development, the National Union of Dock Laborers became his next organization to work with. He was also the proud founder and leader of the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union.

James Larkin had a close friend by the name James Connoly. This was the man whom Larkin trusted. Trade unionism knew the two as brave men who would never rest until the rights of workers were met.

Learn more about Jim Larkin:


Jim Larkin, “A Man For Change”

Jim Larkin was a man that came from nothing but stood for much more. He began to work at a young age due to his family’s financial hardships. This gave him early insight into what life would be. He made a lasting impact on himself and others.

Larkin was born January 21, 1874, in Liverpool, Ireland. He was raised in a poor area and lacked access to a formal education. He worked for years to support his family, and later, he became a foreman at Liverpool Docks. Read more: Jim Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

Larkin was a socialist that understood workers were being mistreated. He joined the National Union of Dock Laborers. He became full-time in 1905. Many became aware of his message, and he was perceived as a threat.

Jim Larkin’s message wore thin with other leaders, and they had him sent to Dublin, Ireland in 1907. After arriving in Dublin, Larkin continued his work by founding the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://spartacus-educational.com/IRElarkin.htm and http://www.irishexaminer.com/lifestyle/artsfilmtv/books/the-definitive-biography-of-big-jim-larkin-372254.html

Larkin presented a message that would give workers rights, a standard eight hour work day, and pensions for all workers. As expected, he incurred resistance. Jim Larkin teamed with James Connolly in 1912 to begin executing labor strikes.

Larkin helped organized a strike of over 100,000 workers to gain the right to equitable employment. The strike lasted nearly eight months. As the first World War approached Larkin made it known he was against it. He used his influence to project his message.

James Larkin traveled to the United States in 1914 to help raise funding to fight the British. He fought for similar rights and causes in America and was convicted of anarchy and communism. Larkin’s friend Connolly died in the Easter Rising in Ireland.

James Larkin founded the “James Connolly Socialist Club” in New York in honor of his longtime friend. In 1923 Larkin was deported from the United States back to Ireland. In 1924, Larkin organized the Workers Union of Ireland. James Larkin passed away January 30, 1947.

James Larkin was married to Elizabeth Brown since 1904, and the two had four sons. Larkin is remembered as someone who fought for rights and better working standards. He was key in a voice for the workers.

Customers Drive Kate Hudson’s fabletics Brand Towards Success

The Online retail sector has become one of the most crowded with new vendors opening on a regular basis across the Internet but one brand, Fabletics has become one of the fastest growing by embracing the power of the crowd. Headed by the actress, Kate Hudson, Fabletics has become one of the premier activewear retailers in a number of countries largely through its use of the Online domain to bring the power of its customers to new members across the planet.


In most cases, the dominant theory remains of customers attending a showroom and trying on clothes before returning home to seek out cheaper options Online; however, for many customers, the research completed Online is also used as the basis of which brand to purchase from. Fabletics has been open and upfront in communicating the customer reviews seen across the Internet as the company has grown to become one of the few to rival Amazon with a sales revenue expected to reach $235 million in 2017.


The numbers regarding the use of the Internet to read customer reviews and conduct research are staggering with around 84 percent of consumers revealing they trust customer reviews as much as they would a recommendation from a friend or family member. One of the most important parts of including positive reviews alongside product descriptions is the increase in search engine rankings given to those products with attached reviews. Potential customers rarely take the opportunity to read through pages of search engine results making the higher rankings an imperative to achieving success in the 21st-century retail industry.


Fabletics was established in 2013 by the leaders of the TechStyle Group which has become one of the leaders in developing retail companies in an increasingly technology-based world. The use of a lifestyle quiz completed in just minutes is one of the most effective ways of exploring the different clothing options offered by this fast-growing activewear brand which can inspire many to live a healthier lifestyle.


Kate Hudson was the first choice of the founders of Fabletics to become a partner and the main brand ambassador for the brand because of her friendly and outgoing nature which reflects the active lifestyle of the company. Unlike many brand ambassadors who customers find it difficult to believe wear the clothing they are promoting, Kate Hudson is often seen through her social media accounts wearing the clothing of the brand as she lives her life.


The “Almost Famous” actress is much more than simply a brand ambassador as she has worked diligently to become one of the most important members of the creative and business teams of the company. Fabletics has benefited from the involvement of Kate Hudson through the dedication she has shown to building a better customer service experience and ensuring the high-quality of all products associated with the Fabletics brand.

Jim Larkin: The Labor Organizer who changed the Work Culture of the UK

Jim Larkin is the name that changed the work culture of the U.K., especially in Ireland. He was a prominent labor activist and organizer in the country and the founder of Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. He demanded that a fair day’s work can only be compensated with a fair day’s pay.

It became a much-used phrase across the globe, among the labor activists to demand fair pay. He also established Irish Labor Party and was the leader of one of the largest trade union movements in the country – 1913 Dublin Lockout. He was also regarded as one of the most prominent liberal faces of the country in the early 20th century.

The labor activist was born in Liverpool in the year 1874 and lived his initial years of lives in the slums of the city with almost no regular education. In order to support his family, Jim Larkin started engaging in various odd jobs from his young ages.

It finally made him becoming a foreman at the docks of Liverpool. During the period, the casual workers in the industry were facing severe exploitation, including long work hours and unfair payment. Therefore, he started collaborating with the National Union of Dock Laborers and became its full-time organizer since 1905.

After two years, NUDL transferred him to Dublin, where he established ITGWU. By founding the union, Larkin tried to make all industrial workers, irrespective of skilled or unskilled, of Ireland into one organization. In 1912, he established Irish Labor Party to make a political movement in favor of labors.

In 1913, he made a landmark in the history of the trade unions around the globe by leading the Dublin Lockout – a strike that saw the participation of over 100,000 workers which lasted for more than eight months. The strike ensured fair employment rights to all the skilled and unskilled industrial workers in the region. Read more: James Larkin | Biography

During the period of 1st World War, he campaigned against it in Dublin and traveled to the U.S. for mobilizing funds for resisting the British. He was detained there for communism and activism in 1920 and convicted for five to ten years in prison. Three years later, he got pardoned and deported to Ireland.

Due to the differences with the new leadership of ITGWU, he moved out of the trade union which he founded. In 1924, Larkin established another trade union called Workers’ Union of Ireland. Due to the failures of ITGWU leadership in resisting the wage reforms between 1921 and 1923, over two-thirds of ITGWU members switched to WUI.

During the later years of his life, Larkin concentrated more into the politics. In the 1927 general election, he contested from Dublin North and won. However, he could not assume the post due to he was declared as an undischarged bankrupt due to a libel award against him.

In 1941, Larkin returned to Labor party and actively campaigned against a trade union restructuring bill. He served as the deputy of the Labor Party for a year from 1943. Larkin continued his active political and trade union life until his death in 1947.

NewsWatch TV is the People’s Choice

What your customers say about you can make or break your business. Feedback from a good review or positive testimonial not only establishes your credibility, but it also attracts people to your product and persuades them to give you a try.

A relatively newcomer to the cable news industry has proven that a good name is worth its weight in gold. The name of this new kid on the block is NewsWatch. This award winning show has a multitudinous format that features stories on a wide range of subjects from medical breakthroughs, finance and business, travel, new products, public policy issues, entertainment, celebrities, to charities. NewsWatch
has now become a trusted name and a dependable source for breaking news in any field.

NewsWatch, which airs nationwide during the seven o’clock morning news hour, began production in March of 1990. Headquartered in Washington, DC, it has reached over 700 million people and can be seen on the AMC and ION networks in every market throughout the country.

So what are people saying about NewsWatch?
Contour appreciates the quality of their videos. “We really appreciate the overall quality of the video that was produces and we have seen a very positive response in sales of our workstations from it.”

Saygus another satisfied customer appreciates how NewsWatch connects with their audience. “They connect … what we say and what we want to say with what our audience wants to hear to drive sales.”

Avanca Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign credits NewsWatch’s strong support from a great team and its excellent interviewer for the definite success their campaign achieved. “We worked with NewsWatch and it was one of the reasons why the crowd funding project was successful.”

University Shows Off Its Style at New York Fashion Week Showcase

It is Fashion Week again in New York City and the School of Fashion students of the Academy of Art University are showing off their latest designs.

This School held its twenty-first showcase at the Skylight Clarkson Square. Ten recent graduates from the bachelor program and the masters program showed off for the first time their women’s wear and men’s wear designs. Some of the students collaborated with each other to form 2 partnerships.

The designers of this school have diverse backgrounds. One is from mainland China while another one could be from coast of Maine. Each designer or collaborator only had 15 minutes to show the world what they could do.

The range of styles did impress the audience at this schowcase. The audience did include some well-known people in the fashion industry such J. Alexander from show America’s Next Top Model and Sara Kozlowski, a CFDA Director of Education and Professional Development.

When this school started in 1929, it was originally a school for advertising. Richard S. Stephens, a magazine editor and painter, was the leader of this school until 1951. Richard A. Stephens, the son of the leader, replaced him in 1951. His daughter, Elisa Stephens, but ecame the new president in 1992.

The Academy of Art University currently has about 18,000 students. These students have participated in the NY Fashion week every year since 2005. These students are also fortunate enough to have shuttles that take them from their dorms to their classrooms in the city of San Francisco.

Some slumni of this university are:
Mobolade Ajomale, Olympic sprinter
Asencio, figurative painter
Rick Baker, winner of an Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hairsy;ing and special effects for Maleficent
Scott Borrero, 2016 winner of Adorama & Nigel Barker’s “Top Photographer”
Alexandria von Bromssen, Runner-up on Project Runway (season 12)[33][34]
Lee Cheol-ha, film director
Lauren Conrad, actress
Deanne Fitzmaurice, winner of a 2005 Pulitzer Prize

Important Details about the Success of WAX

One of the most successful companies that have tokenized virtual game assets in the world is the Worldwide Asset eXchange. WAX has been able to create a decentralized platform in which folks can be able to transfer assets easily at a low cost all over the world. Over the years through the able leadership of its president, the company has been able to market itself and is currently among the best in the industry. One of the challenges that come with tokenization of assets has been carrying out monitoring of blockchain ad ensuring they remain tied to the asset. WAX has been able to tackle this by ensuring that the owners are able to carry out regulatory oversight by the token holder themselves.

WAX has been able to create a platform in which assets that could not be transferred can now be easily transferable. Virtual asset has now been traded successfully, and this idea can now be employed in the physical asset platform. Malcolm CasSelle, the president of WAX has ensured that all the operations regarding the transfer of virtual assets are successful and are done so at a completely reduced cost.

Online video gamers are thought to be the next target as cryptocurrency customers. The number of video gamers who transact in digital items is currently higher than the number of customers who own cryptocurrencies. This means that persuading most of them to engage in this business would be helpful in growing the number of customers trading in cryptocurrency market.

WAX has been able to create a platform in which buying and selling of virtual items is easy and at a low cost. The company intends to expand operations of skin trading market to a level in which all video gamers can be able to invest in cryptocurrency. Malcolm CasSelle has been able to revolutionize this industry, and his efforts have ensured that the number of traders of virtual items is increasing yearly. His experience has helped the organization operate smoothly and create a fortune from its operation. WAX continues to be a leading company as far as trading of cryptocurrency is concerned.