AvaTrade Review Reveals Top-Notch Broker

A recent article detailed important information about currency trading and in particular the AvaTrade broker review. It spoke of their outstanding qualities for clients who may be new to the markets. It also shows how they can just as easily be held in high regard by experienced traders. Their transparency and safeguards highly recommend this broker to traders wishing to profit from the lucrative markets in forex.

The credentials that the AvaTrade review detailed show a company with strict regulations that are entirely geared toward the safety of client funds. Two major organizations regulate them and have oversight. The Bank of Ireland is one and the other is the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. This ensures that traders can use their platform with confidence.

A wide range of investment vehicles can be accessed by clients as set forth in the AvaTrade Review. This includes cryptocurrencies, foreign exchange, and stock indices as well as others. Their commission structure is based upon the spread between bid and ask. No other commissions are charged.

A strong guarantee for customers as set down in the AvaTrade review shows that they can never lose more than the sum total of their account. This is called negative balance protection and gives traders peace of mind that leverage won’t wipe them out beyond what they’ve invested. They also avoid commingling funds with corporate monies that are used for operating expenses. Customer money doesn’t go to staff payroll.

The fact that shines the most according to the AvaTrade review is the wonderful variety of software platforms. They include their own software and several other strong options. MetaTrader 4 is well represented as one of the most popular forex platforms available.

Customer support is another strong feature that was evidenced in the AvaTrade review. There are several popular options to get help such as email, phone, or live chat. Research is another strong suit of AvaTrade and their products include advanced data analytics. Their in-house team of analysts has a great deal of market experience and the acumen to teach important principles. New traders can be confident that the tools they have access to are cutting-edge and of high quality.