Brodget Scar Has Faced Adversity And Acheived Success With Grace And Dignity

Bridget Scarr is an exceptional woman, who has built a career out of her unique, and creative talents as a writer. The content she creates is of a compelling nature, and is partially responsible for her success as an Executive Producer. Her talents can be seen in the projects she has completed for television, animation, and advertising, for the past fifteen years. She understands the importance of reaching the emptions of her audience, and excels in her chosen career. Her career brought her to Colibri Studios, where she works with numerous projects, using her skills to bring them to life.


Bridget Scar attributes much of her success to meditation. This is how she grounds herself, pinpoints her focus, and begins, and ends each day. A lot of her inspiration comes from her son, and spending time together is one of the greatest joys of her life. The stories she creates in her professional life are about history, landmarks, and based off the stories of real people in history. She takes as much time is necessary to make these stories evocative, and reach her audience in the way she desires.


Bridget Scar possesses a free, and creative spirit. Her life has taught her what is important, and a real connection to the world around her is achieved through nature. She is rare in the sense that she appreciates everything that surrounds her, and she is a believer in the magic found within life. Her life has not been an easy journey. Her first business did not survive, and she was forced to accept failure, physical threats, public defamation, and a nasty smear campaign. At the time she was pregnant, and she lost everything she had. The child she carried became a son who heled her move on with her life. She learned to appreciate what she had, strengthen her faith, heal, and appreciate opportunities.


Bridget Scar will always hold gratitude for the people who helped her rebuild her life, and hopes to find a way to repay them one day. She has stated her faith in people, and humanity was restored due to the grace of these individuals. She believes the future rests in the hands of technology. That is provides people with the ability to improve their lives, experience new places, and see everything the world can offer. She overcame adversity, and came back stronger, wiser, and perhaps gentler than she was before her world was torn apart. Bridget Scar is more than a woman to be admired, she is a woman to be respected.


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