Bruno Fagali – Providing Professional Legal Services To High Profile

There are many lawyers in Brazil, but if you are looking for a lawyer who has an active command and a proven track record in the field of civil law, administrative law, compliance law and corporate law, Bruno Fagali is the man you need to consult. He is one of the top notch law professionals in Brazil and his firm, Fagali Advocacy is known to handle some of the most complicated cases in the field for top corporate clients.

Bruno Fagali has extensive experience in the legal areas mentioned above because of his vast academic portfolio.  He has done specialization in Administrative law from the highly reputed organization in the field of law, Getulio Vargas Foundation.  Bruno Fagali has worked extensively for many law firms as an intern and an associate lawyer, which has helped him gain the experience, knowledge, expertise and exposure needed to manage and handle high profile clientele at his law firm, Fagali Advocacy.

Fagali Advocacy is considered to be one of the most reputed law firms in Brazil today and is headquartered in Sao Paulo. He also works for Nova/SB Advertising Agency in the capacity of Business Integrity Manager. As an authority on compliance and administrative law, Bruno Fagali is consulted on a broad range of topics by many leading national and international firms about how to craft their business structure to stay away from any legal penalties.



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  1. Bruno Fagali has done several diploma courses on Administrative law and compliance law, which has added to his experience and knowledge as a law professional. It is the same institution that he did a specialty course on Compliance law. It should also go long in helping the buy online dissertation and use for the diploma courses because it works a lot.

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