University Shows Off Its Style at New York Fashion Week Showcase

It is Fashion Week again in New York City and the School of Fashion students of the Academy of Art University are showing off their latest designs.

This School held its twenty-first showcase at the Skylight Clarkson Square. Ten recent graduates from the bachelor program and the masters program showed off for the first time their women’s wear and men’s wear designs. Some of the students collaborated with each other to form 2 partnerships.

The designers of this school have diverse backgrounds. One is from mainland China while another one could be from coast of Maine. Each designer or collaborator only had 15 minutes to show the world what they could do.

The range of styles did impress the audience at this schowcase. The audience did include some well-known people in the fashion industry such J. Alexander from show America’s Next Top Model and Sara Kozlowski, a CFDA Director of Education and Professional Development.

When this school started in 1929, it was originally a school for advertising. Richard S. Stephens, a magazine editor and painter, was the leader of this school until 1951. Richard A. Stephens, the son of the leader, replaced him in 1951. His daughter, Elisa Stephens, but ecame the new president in 1992.

The Academy of Art University currently has about 18,000 students. These students have participated in the NY Fashion week every year since 2005. These students are also fortunate enough to have shuttles that take them from their dorms to their classrooms in the city of San Francisco.

Some slumni of this university are:
Mobolade Ajomale, Olympic sprinter
Asencio, figurative painter
Rick Baker, winner of an Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hairsy;ing and special effects for Maleficent
Scott Borrero, 2016 winner of Adorama & Nigel Barker’s “Top Photographer”
Alexandria von Bromssen, Runner-up on Project Runway (season 12)[33][34]
Lee Cheol-ha, film director
Lauren Conrad, actress
Deanne Fitzmaurice, winner of a 2005 Pulitzer Prize

EOS Changes the Lip Balm Industry

EOS has managed to become one of the most successful companies in the world of lip balm products. There is a fascination with this company and the way that it has grown and such a magnificent way in such a short period of time.

EOS ( is a company that has been able to transition in many ways over the years because it is using such a strong marketing campaign to appeal to consumers. There are commercials on television and advertisements on the internet. The EOS lip balm brand has become prevalent in print magazine ads as well. Consumers know what this brand is about because smooth is even in the title of the company. People are pleased with what they are discovering with EOS, and the colorful spheres are getting attention.

EOS has become a leader in the lip balm industry because this company moved in at a time where many other competitors were simply doing the same old things. EOS presented a lip balm that came in a spear shaped container so it obviously seems like something new and innovative. This is also a company that has managed to become a leader because of the fruity flavors that are available. People love the abundant number of flavors that are found with this company, and that has made it a very successful brand.

It is hard to overlook this product because it is so easily spotted in Target and Costco stores. That may be the thing that has made this branding process much easier. When consumers have access to a product that they can recognize quickly; that makes it much easier for them to make a purchase.