Sahm Adrangi Is Unconvinced With Eastman Kodak’s Latest Share Prices

Just last month, Sahm Adran gi’s company Kerrisdale Capital issued a negative statement against the Kodak company. Eastman Kodak is a printing and photography company that has been in the market for over a century, but as of late they haven’t been doing good business. Kerrisdale Capital, a private investment company that invests in company’s all around the world is currently taking the short position with Eastman Kodak, standing to profit if their shares go down. This is because Sahm Adrangi is certain that their stock prices will eventually go back down despite their receive drastic increase.

Eastman Kodak’s shares rose almost 200 percent when they announced their involvement with cryptocurrency markets and a partnership with a crypto group. According to Sahm, this is a hollow attempt by Eastman Kodak to take advantage of unwary investors and soak up any last profits that they can before going under. Their latest business exploits are not doing anything to offset the many issues facing Kodak’s company today, which they were facing six years ago as well when they had to file a quick chapter 11 before going bankrupt.

Not only is Eastman Kodak doing virtually nothing to change the image they have gained over the past decade, their business practices are shady. Sahm Adrangi questions the current state of management at Kodak and whether or not their latest exploits are simply a con since they are not on par with that of the former photography and printing giant.

In any case, Sahm Adrangi has issued a warning to all investors to stay clear of Eastman Kodak for the time being to see how their shares settle in the coming months. Cryptocurrency is largely unstable still these days as it is all new an emerging, which leads Sahm to believe the value of their shares is currently overpriced. In most cases, Sahm Adrangi’s advice is spot on, which is how he managed to build a massive multi-million dollar investment company with less than a million dollars start-up capital.

DAMAC Properties Launches Reva Residences at Business Bay

DAMAC Properties just announced the launch of a new, residential apartment near Business Bay. Reva Residences is a luxury apartment that features one and two bedrooms, facing the beautiful, Dubai Canal.


Background Information


At Reva Residences, clients will discover luxurious apartments featuring a lavish lifestyle. The apartments offer a full-range dining area with entertainment as well as perfect retail choices. The neighborhood has a comfortable environment where people can unwind. Apart from that, clients will agree that the area has a one-stop shopping mall for all goods. There are also mouth-watering cuisines that will leave users coming back for more.




At Reva Residences, the client is the king. The management has trained professionals to provide top-notch services to clients. Clients can wake up every day to the view of a spectacular environment. Reva Residences comfort the heart’s desires in many ways including having stylish interiors, fitted kitchen tops as well as spacious bathrooms.


Business Bay


Why are the apartments located at Business Bay? Business Bay is becoming Dubai’s, major business center. It is one-stop shopping area for most residents and travelers. Business Bay offers you lavish lifestyle coupled with elegance and breathtaking views. In Niall McLoughlin’s statement, Business Bay is affordable to many including the least earning investors. The overall position of the business center attracts executive investors as well.



Behind the exquisite apartments is excellent leadership by Hussain Sajwani. The DAMAC owner founded the company in 2012. Until now, it is known as a leading property developer in UAE. Hussain Sajwani is the chief executive officer of DAMAC Properties. He works with his employees to deliver the best commercial and residential properties. To elevate this brand, he creates entrepreneurial networks with high-profile individuals like Donald Trump and billionaire associates.


Additional Information


The DAMAC owner attended Washington University. He began his career as a contract manager for GASCO. This is an affiliate of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. He later established a sole proprietorship in 1982. That was a food catering business. His know-how, as well as expertise in property development, is admired. He has skills in finance and management, administration as well as project management. Such skills make him an instrumental leader in Dubai’s property development market.

Contribution of Mike Baur to Startup Investment

Mike Baur is a Swiss entrepreneur who serves as the managing partner and co-founder of Swill Startup Factory. He has over 20 years’ experience in the banking industry, having worked for Clariden Leu and UBS. The entrepreneur is in charge of the financing and fundraising rounds at the Swiss Startup Factory.

Born in Switzerland, Mr. Baur developed his fascination in banking and financing as a teen. He graduated with a MBA from the University of Rochester, NY. Mr. Baur also enrolled in the University of Bern, Switzerland, where he earned his executive MBA. Throughout his career in the banking industry, he has worked his way to being an executive board member in a huge Swiss private bank.

At the age of 39, Mr. Baur quit his profession to invest in startup companies before establishing Swiss Startup Factory alongside his business partners Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. He has been a judge in the START Summiter, a pitching contest for startups in the University of St. Gallen. Upon the partnership between Swill Startup Factory and CTI in January 2016, Mr. Baur became the deputy managing director of CTI Invest. The investor has also foreseen the company’s 2016 accelerator program with Goldback Group as well as the February 2016 partnership with Fintech Fusion. The Wall Street Journal profiled Mr. Baur’s career from banking to startup investments and entrepreneurship in December 2016.

Mr. Baur helps new entrepreneurs by turning their ideas into world-class companies that send business models and conventional products into an upheaval. He also envisions having the best accelerator program as well as setting their global standards. For one to get into his program, it will require them to fill out an extensive application. This happens twice each year, in February and September. The entrepreneurs are not required to write a business plan, and their selection is based on the interviews, lean canvas, and their applications. Once selected, an entrepreneur will be required to meet three milestones before being supplied with the cash needed to get started.

Mike Baur has devoted his life to business and finance and is willing to pass his knowledge to young entrepreneurs. He is ready to make any financial investment and give you the required success tools. Additionally, he can employ his skills in supporting a complete stranger attain their investment goals.


Mike Baur Takes Swiss Startup Ecosystem to Greater Heights

Mike Baur’s Background


He worked at UBS as a commercial apprentice before making his way up as a member in the Board of Directors of the Swiss Private Banks. His entrepreneurial journey began in 2014 after founding Think Reloaded, a strategic advisory firm. Here, he would offer strategic advisory services to wealthy families and individuals. Over time, Mike Baur has become a force to reckon in the Swiss start-up space. In December 2016, Mike Baur featured on an article that talked about his career in the Wall Street Journal. Besides, he devotes much of his time to support Swiss digital start-ups.


About the Swiss Startup Factory


In 2015, Mike joined forces with his two partners to found, Swiss Startup Factory, today’s premier privately-financed and sovereign startup accelerator in Switzerland. Mike became fascinated with the subject of finance and banking way back as a teenager. Today, Mike feels proud for making his childhood passion his career. The idea for creating Swiss Startup Factory came from Mike Baur’s experience as a startup investor. Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory would be used as a business execution platform to help Swiss start-ups get to the next level.


Mike Baur uses the canvas approach to bring his ideas to life. That means he has to test any idea before bringing it to the market. As such, Mike doesn’t come up with ideas that seem fantastic but irrelevant to the market. Building a product that is unrelated to your target market doesn’t make sense. In fact, this is a waste of money, energy, and time. Aspiring entrepreneurs should invest in a minimally available product or service, measure its relevance to the market, learn from the market feedback, and validate the results.


He usually gets up at around 5 am when almost all his emails are answered. With this, Mike can focus on interacting with young tech entrepreneurs instead of sitting behind his laptop screen to respond to emails. His most important thing is to interact with start-up owners. Mike Baur feels excited about virtual and augmented reality and is convinced that reality will change the world and impact the startup industry in the future.


Roberto Santiago, Manaira Shopping Mall and How They are Related

Roberto Santiago spent his younger years focusing on creative pursuits like writing, producing and directing. He developed a blog on the internet that ended up enjoying a strong following. As successful as he was with this endeavor, however, it wasn’t quite what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Santiago dreamed of making a mark on the city that he loved. Given that it has a population of more than 800,000, he knew that it would be no easy feat.

If you have spent any time in Joao Pessoa, the capital city of the Brazilian state of Paraiba, you more than likely became aware of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. Located in the heart of the city’s vibrant downtown district, the mall is a full-fledged shopping, entertainment and dining destination featuring more than 280 stores and restaurants, a state-of-the-art bowling alley, a beautiful movie theater with 11 screens and stadium seating, an exhibition hall that accommodates more than 8,000 people and much more. The story of Roberto Santiago, the man behind Manaira Shopping Mall, is truly impressive and worth learning about.

The young Brazilian laid the groundwork for his future success by attaining a strong education. After secondary school, he attended Pio X Marist College, where he earned his undergraduate degree. Not content to rest on his laurels, he went on to earn a business administration degree from UNIPE, University Center of Joao Pessoa. With these achievements under his belt, he had the basic knowledge that he needed to enter the business world in earnest. Read more about the mall on

Santiago didn’t immediately achieve great success. He started out performing entry-level jobs. Saving every penny that he could paid off later when he was presented with the opportunity to invest in a cardboard manufacturing company. He went ahead and did it, and this allowed him to save up enough money to purchase the plot of land where he’d eventually build Manaira Shopping Mall.

His mall opened in 1989, and it continues to be one of the most popular destinations in Joao Pessoa. Roberto Santiago also owns Mangabeira Shopping Mall and has interests in many other projects and businesses. When he isn’t busy running his businesses, he stays active with motocross, bowling and other hobbies. Since he isn’t even 60 years old yet, there is no doubt that he has many other big plans for the future, and it will be very interesting to see what he comes up with next. Check more articles on Jornal Da Paraiba

Innovative Healthcare through Penelope Kokkinides of InnovaCare Health

Healthcare is a vital division of any economy globally. The services offered are crucial as they involve human life which is precious. Healthcare staffs are out there out of a calling, and they work to help people get better unlike other professions geared towards profit maximization. To be a good healthcare service provider, you must have excellent interpersonal skills to be able to communicate with ease and understand patients. It involves both abilities and experience as is the case with InnovaCare Health. Visit Penelope’s website at

InnovaCare Health is a leader in the provision of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans and also physician practice services in Puerto Rico. It is committed to offering quality healthcare through the creation of network models that are cost-effective, fully-integrated with advanced technologies and sustainable. The institution is dedicated to serving its patients as their top most priority. It works to integrate both innovative care and quality services to its patients all over North America.

Amongst the various programs in the healthcare sector, InnovaCare offers two Medicare Advantage plans, MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice. Exercising these plans through the network models helps the company meet its set objectives to redefine the management of the healthcare to help solve the present day challenges in the healthcare environment. Also in its line of plans are two Medicaid programs that fall within the Government Health Plan.

Dr. Richard Shinto is presently the president and CEO of InnovaCare. He served as President and CEO of Aveta from 2008 to 2012. He has vast experience in clinical and operational healthcare experience in managed care.

She stands out as one of the highly experienced officers of the institution with over 20 years of healthcare experience specializing in Medicare and Medicaid, and the managed care industry. Her knowledge and expertise extend in the development of clinical programs and management of healthcare operations with the aim of improving organizational infrastructure and efficiencies.

Penelope Kokkinides was previously the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Centerlight Healthcare. She oversaw the overall management and strategic direction of the managed care division. Penelope Kokkinides also offered her services at Touchstone Health as COO and CVP for Care Management and Disease Management at AmeriChoice where she instigated the development and implementation of the institution’s health model. Visit for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

Bruno Fagali – Providing Professional Legal Services To High Profile

There are many lawyers in Brazil, but if you are looking for a lawyer who has an active command and a proven track record in the field of civil law, administrative law, compliance law and corporate law, Bruno Fagali is the man you need to consult. He is one of the top notch law professionals in Brazil and his firm, Fagali Advocacy is known to handle some of the most complicated cases in the field for top corporate clients.

Bruno Fagali has extensive experience in the legal areas mentioned above because of his vast academic portfolio.  He has done specialization in Administrative law from the highly reputed organization in the field of law, Getulio Vargas Foundation.  Bruno Fagali has worked extensively for many law firms as an intern and an associate lawyer, which has helped him gain the experience, knowledge, expertise and exposure needed to manage and handle high profile clientele at his law firm, Fagali Advocacy.

Fagali Advocacy is considered to be one of the most reputed law firms in Brazil today and is headquartered in Sao Paulo. He also works for Nova/SB Advertising Agency in the capacity of Business Integrity Manager. As an authority on compliance and administrative law, Bruno Fagali is consulted on a broad range of topics by many leading national and international firms about how to craft their business structure to stay away from any legal penalties.