Why a Great Tool Such as Securus Technologies Should Be Used For Communicating

There’s many reasons why Securus Technologies is becoming a preferred method of communications for many. Unfortunately, visitation in jails can often be difficult for people to conduct or set up as appointment times are often taken up due to the particular jail facilities being quite busy. Due to such circumstances, individuals often find themselves being unable to visit the inmates due to conflicts of scheduling in which they have their own set of responsibilities to tend to such as work, school, business, errands, or anything else that may prevent them from being able to make a visit to the jail.


Securus Technologies understands that conflicts of scheduling exists and has created the Securus Technologies platform for such reasons. However, the program has become a great tool for law enforcement officials as they’re now capable of seeing the video conference sessions that take place and can utilize any relevant information that may be used to uncover crimes that are occurring within the premises of their correctional facilities. If certain types of crimes are spoken about over video conferencing, then it’s highly likely the law enforcement officials will be able to use that information to investigate with and continue the monitoring of the areas in the jail where the crime was spoken about may have occurred.


Please don’t hesitate to request information from the customer serve help desk as representatives are able to guide and assist in utilizing this wonderfully designed program that’s proven to be a great option for many people who are wanting to keep in touch with their relatives, significant others, or friends.


Video Visitation In Our Office Through Securus

Video visitation in our office happens every year around Christmastime, and we bring in families who are meeting with a loved on for the holiday season. We are not the only people who use Securus for visitation, but we offer a special service that brings families together for the season. This article explains how we give families a warm feeling during this time of year.


#1: Why Is Visitation For Inmates Important?


Our visitations are created using Securus are completed in our office using our own devices. Everyone visiting our office may speak to someone they love using our services, and we queue up the calls on our tablets for each family. The meetings we arranged may be done at home by our clients, and we have shared information about Securus for other family meetings.


#2: Bringing Someone Around The Table


The family gathers for the holidays, and they all sit around the table with their family member on a phone or tablet seeing the action. They may talk to someone who is in prison while everyone is in the room, and the Securus video calls are piped through a secure network that anyone may use. The calls are protected, and they are clear as day.


#3: Sign Up For Securus Today


We bring people to prisons for visitations, and we schedule visitations online using Securus. We are here to ensure that families meet together for the holidays, and we welcome every new family to visit us. Our nonprofit is dedicated to your happiness, and we share information that connects you with a lost family member.


#4: Put The Securus App On Your Device


You may download the Securus app as we have, and it will function on your phone or tablet. You may place calls at any time, and the camera on your phone is used to transmit the video signal. You may see what you look like in the top corner of the screen, and you will see your friend or loved one on the body of the screen.


Securus and their video calling system have become a Godsend for families around the country.