Get Amazing Advice From Cosmetic Professional, Doe Deere

There are thousands of customers are making the switch to trendy popular colors of the current generation versus the dull palette of the early 90’s. Thousands of young adults, entertainers, and busy professionals rely on the cool Lime Crime branded by successful female entrepreneur, marketing professional, and technology tech, Doe Deere. She tells Savior LaFlair beauty magazine online, she designed her cosmetics to empower girls, and guys around the world. Deere, helps her wearers find out what is unique about themselves while highlighting your best features with amazing shades of lipstick, and eye-shadow. Their 100% completely waterproof brand is highly preferred over their competitors.

Lime Crime came about only after Deere received her certification. Her naysayer’s were not fond of her unconventional way of looking at colors, and she knew her degree in design would make them rethink their disapproval. She would also be the first of her kind by to base her products with the velvetine matte base while others were reluctant. Today, they are one of the most popular brands available in the cosmetic industry. Choose from a unique array of colors like the popular Radical Metallic, or Purple Sorbet to redefine your look.

In a effort to expand on her colors, Deere, has branded several new products. She admits business takes risks, and she is always creating new colors. As an animal lover, Deere ensures her products are completely cruelty-free, and she has also created a Purr line designed to help the homeless/stray pet population in Los Angeles. This new line under the direction of Deere, will donate 10% of all proceeds to socializing, litter training, and housing stray cats. These cute eye-shadow colors are now available on the Lime Crime website with several palettes to choose from while saving a homeless cat. Learn more:

Lime Crime leads the industry in beauty, and the benefits of a unique identity with bold colors. Deere, has perfected a line of cosmetics that go on smooth, and have an amazing dry look. Bring out your best features with unheard colors like Radical Metallic, and Purple Sorbet. Her colors are hard to find it hard with competitor cosmetic brands. LC cosmetics are safe to wear for all skin types including sensitive skin. You can find creative ways to wear her cosmetics from their exclusive YouTube channel. You can also inspire others on great ways to mix, blend, and match LC cosmetics.

Deere also has branded a popular hair dye under the Unicorn name. Get a 700 ml jar with one permanent, or two stunning temporary applications. It is safe for all hair types, and is sweeping off the shelves of their website. You can also take part in their new lipstick Scandal line offering a purple-violet hue that is very popular among their users. Their 1.4 Instagram followers have made Scandal an instant success, and they haven’t had a problem standing as their own brand under the LC name in the cosmetic industry. Doe Deere would like to invite you to become a part of the Lime Crime family by visiting their exclusive website today for more details, purchasing, and promotional offers. Learn more:

Doe Deere, The Bold Makeup Influencer

Doe Deere is also referred as the “Queen of Unicorns”. She is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics who is famously known for her rainbow colors. She was born in Russia, by the age of 13 years, she started selling temporary tattoos, this was successful because she used to wear them and make them look cool to her classmates, and this is what gave her entrepreneurship skills. She later moved to United State where she grew up with a dream of becoming a musician, her dream came true when she moved to New York in 1998.While in New York, she did a major in Fashion design at FIT. Later on she met her husband while singing in the band and they ended up working together in music since he was a songwriter.

Doe Deere entrepreneurial skills is what made her to end up in the makeup industry. In 2004, she started her online fashion line where she used to be the model. She wanted her look to stand out by having bold colors. Her passion with makeup made her to create her successful cosmetic brand called Lime Crime. She got the idea about the company in 2008 when she could hardly find bright colors for her makeup, she find out that many girls were also looking for such bold colors, this made her company to be very profitable. She believes that Lime Crime gives women freedom to be themselves and express themselves fully.

Lime Crime has grown to become one of the leading, cult favorite in social media. Their mission is to completely change how makeup makes women feel by changing their mood. Their products are animal- friendly and have intense bold colors. It’s considered to be one of the most quality make ups that tries to maintain standards. Some of her makeup products ranges are; liquid-to matte lipstick, foundation, compact powder, hair and many others

Her knowledge on fashion design, hair and makeup is what made her company successful. She believes her ability to understand her customers and partners is what made her company be successful since they help her in making vital decisions. Doe Deer strategy is to always make decisions after she has done research. She encourages people to always embrace their weirdness since it makes one to feel happy. She stand out as one of the entrepreneurs who started small and became successful by creating her own unique ideas. She encourages people that dreams do come true!