Ryan Emmons

According to Closet Samples, when Ryan Emmons started marketing his brand to consumers, few noticed the potential of Waiakea Water. For a young entrepreneur in his 20s, it was often difficult for Ryan to convince large chain stores to accept his proposal that consumers will like the idea of a bottle water, which has multiple selling points. Accordingly, the brand sold only a few thousand bottled water in its first year, in 2012.

However, the idea of a healthy and clean bottled water that is also carbon neutral started to attract more consumers in the following years. In fact, the initiative of the brand to contribute towards clean water efforts in Africa also helped create awareness.

According to Ladisco, Waiakea Water has become one of the fastest growing brands in the country. Since 2012, it has seen a massive growth of approximately 5000 percent. Every year, the company grows by more than 170 percent contributing to the regular sales of the bottled water.

Based on the success, the brand now markets itself in 30 U.S. States. Recently, it has also started selling its bottled water in international markets. Even large chains such as Wawa and Whole Foods are taking notice of the success. Currently, the bottled water is sold in more than 2000 stores.

Explaining the success of his brand, Ryan Emmons, explained that the triple bottom line platform focused on health, sustainability, and charitable initiatives. As such, the company creates awareness of a healthy initiative by describing how the Volcanic Waiakea Spring water is full of important mineral content including magnesium, potassium, and calcium. In addition, the mineral is complemented by alkaline and electrolyte, which helps reduce acid reflex. Learn more about Waiakea Water: https://www.facebook.com/Waiakea/

Besides healthy features, many customers are also attracted to the Waiakea water brand because the company donates nearly 650 ml of pure water to Africa for every 1 litre of water sold. Overall, it means that Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has contributed approximately 500 Million liters of water to African communities.

Similarly, bottles are manufactured from the recycled content, which help save 85% energy compared to traditional manufacturing process. Due to its efforts, the brand is also designated as the first carbon neutral bottled water company in the United States.