NewsWatch TV is the People’s Choice

What your customers say about you can make or break your business. Feedback from a good review or positive testimonial not only establishes your credibility, but it also attracts people to your product and persuades them to give you a try.

A relatively newcomer to the cable news industry has proven that a good name is worth its weight in gold. The name of this new kid on the block is NewsWatch. This award winning show has a multitudinous format that features stories on a wide range of subjects from medical breakthroughs, finance and business, travel, new products, public policy issues, entertainment, celebrities, to charities. NewsWatch
has now become a trusted name and a dependable source for breaking news in any field.

NewsWatch, which airs nationwide during the seven o’clock morning news hour, began production in March of 1990. Headquartered in Washington, DC, it has reached over 700 million people and can be seen on the AMC and ION networks in every market throughout the country.

So what are people saying about NewsWatch?
Contour appreciates the quality of their videos. “We really appreciate the overall quality of the video that was produces and we have seen a very positive response in sales of our workstations from it.”

Saygus another satisfied customer appreciates how NewsWatch connects with their audience. “They connect … what we say and what we want to say with what our audience wants to hear to drive sales.”

Avanca Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign credits NewsWatch’s strong support from a great team and its excellent interviewer for the definite success their campaign achieved. “We worked with NewsWatch and it was one of the reasons why the crowd funding project was successful.”

Innovative Healthcare through Penelope Kokkinides of InnovaCare Health

Healthcare is a vital division of any economy globally. The services offered are crucial as they involve human life which is precious. Healthcare staffs are out there out of a calling, and they work to help people get better unlike other professions geared towards profit maximization. To be a good healthcare service provider, you must have excellent interpersonal skills to be able to communicate with ease and understand patients. It involves both abilities and experience as is the case with InnovaCare Health. Visit Penelope’s website at

InnovaCare Health is a leader in the provision of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans and also physician practice services in Puerto Rico. It is committed to offering quality healthcare through the creation of network models that are cost-effective, fully-integrated with advanced technologies and sustainable. The institution is dedicated to serving its patients as their top most priority. It works to integrate both innovative care and quality services to its patients all over North America.

Amongst the various programs in the healthcare sector, InnovaCare offers two Medicare Advantage plans, MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice. Exercising these plans through the network models helps the company meet its set objectives to redefine the management of the healthcare to help solve the present day challenges in the healthcare environment. Also in its line of plans are two Medicaid programs that fall within the Government Health Plan.

Dr. Richard Shinto is presently the president and CEO of InnovaCare. He served as President and CEO of Aveta from 2008 to 2012. He has vast experience in clinical and operational healthcare experience in managed care.

She stands out as one of the highly experienced officers of the institution with over 20 years of healthcare experience specializing in Medicare and Medicaid, and the managed care industry. Her knowledge and expertise extend in the development of clinical programs and management of healthcare operations with the aim of improving organizational infrastructure and efficiencies.

Penelope Kokkinides was previously the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Centerlight Healthcare. She oversaw the overall management and strategic direction of the managed care division. Penelope Kokkinides also offered her services at Touchstone Health as COO and CVP for Care Management and Disease Management at AmeriChoice where she instigated the development and implementation of the institution’s health model. Visit for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

Don Ressler’s All-Inclusive Approach Of JustFab

JustFab is one of the fastest growing fashion brands worldwide. It has made a lot of progress towards achieving success. Its co-founders and Chief Executive Officers Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg know how to spot the latest trends, grow businesses to its peak and develop leading brands. It has always been their dream hence they do it with a combination of fun and passion.

They started by selling a business plan which offered their customers latest trends on TechStyle, unique products, diversity and a growing line of cutting edge clothing. One thing that has made JustFab a growing and successful company are that the creators are always looking for new ways to expand their company.

They have worked with the right group of people and crafted their business according to the demands of their customers. This has made the company an all shining star. Their business models on Internet have not only gained them loyal customers and a tonne of subscribers but also a chance to become a global success.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg always make sure that they have a lot of unique and fashionable products for people of different shapes and sizes. One main secret about Don Ressler is that he takes the time to learn about new members so that they can provide products according to their taste and requirements. They are also willing to oblige for any changes in the tastes and demands of their existing members. JustFab’s strategy not only retains their existing customers but also brings many new customers.

Many companies that provide attractive clothing seem to limit their products to a certain size. Plus-size or above the “limit” people tend to be stuck with clothes that are rather basic. This is rather frustrating for plus-size people that are conscious about their style. One of the biggest news is that JustFab is looking to be all inclusive at People with all sort of different shapes and sizes will get to enjoy stylish and trendy clothing that JustFab has to offer and at a very affordable price.

Don Ressler himself has stated that he wants each and everyone to be able to look and feel good. Great style and elegant outfits do not have to be limited to just a selected group of people. Plus size people also have that right.