Get Amazing Advice From Cosmetic Professional, Doe Deere

There are thousands of customers are making the switch to trendy popular colors of the current generation versus the dull palette of the early 90’s. Thousands of young adults, entertainers, and busy professionals rely on the cool Lime Crime branded by successful female entrepreneur, marketing professional, and technology tech, Doe Deere. She tells Savior LaFlair beauty magazine online, she designed her cosmetics to empower girls, and guys around the world. Deere, helps her wearers find out what is unique about themselves while highlighting your best features with amazing shades of lipstick, and eye-shadow. Their 100% completely waterproof brand is highly preferred over their competitors.

Lime Crime came about only after Deere received her certification. Her naysayer’s were not fond of her unconventional way of looking at colors, and she knew her degree in design would make them rethink their disapproval. She would also be the first of her kind by to base her products with the velvetine matte base while others were reluctant. Today, they are one of the most popular brands available in the cosmetic industry. Choose from a unique array of colors like the popular Radical Metallic, or Purple Sorbet to redefine your look.

In a effort to expand on her colors, Deere, has branded several new products. She admits business takes risks, and she is always creating new colors. As an animal lover, Deere ensures her products are completely cruelty-free, and she has also created a Purr line designed to help the homeless/stray pet population in Los Angeles. This new line under the direction of Deere, will donate 10% of all proceeds to socializing, litter training, and housing stray cats. These cute eye-shadow colors are now available on the Lime Crime website with several palettes to choose from while saving a homeless cat. Learn more:

Lime Crime leads the industry in beauty, and the benefits of a unique identity with bold colors. Deere, has perfected a line of cosmetics that go on smooth, and have an amazing dry look. Bring out your best features with unheard colors like Radical Metallic, and Purple Sorbet. Her colors are hard to find it hard with competitor cosmetic brands. LC cosmetics are safe to wear for all skin types including sensitive skin. You can find creative ways to wear her cosmetics from their exclusive YouTube channel. You can also inspire others on great ways to mix, blend, and match LC cosmetics.

Deere also has branded a popular hair dye under the Unicorn name. Get a 700 ml jar with one permanent, or two stunning temporary applications. It is safe for all hair types, and is sweeping off the shelves of their website. You can also take part in their new lipstick Scandal line offering a purple-violet hue that is very popular among their users. Their 1.4 Instagram followers have made Scandal an instant success, and they haven’t had a problem standing as their own brand under the LC name in the cosmetic industry. Doe Deere would like to invite you to become a part of the Lime Crime family by visiting their exclusive website today for more details, purchasing, and promotional offers. Learn more:

Brodget Scar Has Faced Adversity And Acheived Success With Grace And Dignity

Bridget Scarr is an exceptional woman, who has built a career out of her unique, and creative talents as a writer. The content she creates is of a compelling nature, and is partially responsible for her success as an Executive Producer. Her talents can be seen in the projects she has completed for television, animation, and advertising, for the past fifteen years. She understands the importance of reaching the emptions of her audience, and excels in her chosen career. Her career brought her to Colibri Studios, where she works with numerous projects, using her skills to bring them to life.


Bridget Scar attributes much of her success to meditation. This is how she grounds herself, pinpoints her focus, and begins, and ends each day. A lot of her inspiration comes from her son, and spending time together is one of the greatest joys of her life. The stories she creates in her professional life are about history, landmarks, and based off the stories of real people in history. She takes as much time is necessary to make these stories evocative, and reach her audience in the way she desires.


Bridget Scar possesses a free, and creative spirit. Her life has taught her what is important, and a real connection to the world around her is achieved through nature. She is rare in the sense that she appreciates everything that surrounds her, and she is a believer in the magic found within life. Her life has not been an easy journey. Her first business did not survive, and she was forced to accept failure, physical threats, public defamation, and a nasty smear campaign. At the time she was pregnant, and she lost everything she had. The child she carried became a son who heled her move on with her life. She learned to appreciate what she had, strengthen her faith, heal, and appreciate opportunities.


Bridget Scar will always hold gratitude for the people who helped her rebuild her life, and hopes to find a way to repay them one day. She has stated her faith in people, and humanity was restored due to the grace of these individuals. She believes the future rests in the hands of technology. That is provides people with the ability to improve their lives, experience new places, and see everything the world can offer. She overcame adversity, and came back stronger, wiser, and perhaps gentler than she was before her world was torn apart. Bridget Scar is more than a woman to be admired, she is a woman to be respected.


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Julie Zuckerberg: A Success Story

Julie Zuckerberg is an executive recruiter whose expertise is acquiring and managing brilliant individuals. She is currently employed at Deutsche Bank where she works with corporate powerhouses to develop and carry out recruitment strategies, provides training to her recruiting team, counsels leading executives, manage company relationships, and negotiate offers for high-level positions. Zuckerberg has been a great asset to every company she has served in and is highly recognized in her industry for her professionalism and proficiency.


Career History


The rising star got her first break in Hudson in 2002 where she was selected to lead the role of candidate placement for law firms and business organizations. She filled positions of attorneys, paralegals, managers, temp workers, and more. She also acted as a bridge between companies and their workforce to resolve conflicts and enhance working relations.


Julie moved to Citi Global Functions in 2007 where she served as their executive recruiter and handled the recruitment of senior staffs in several departments. She also extended her services to CitiCards and CitiGlobal. Her ingenuity was displayed in her unique methods of finding qualified candidates including using social media, internet platforms, valid referrals and direct sourcing.


Zuckerberg extended her work experience in 2013 when she moved to the New York Life Insurance Company. Once again her stellar performance was quickly noticed and she was given the role of Senior Recruiter and Vice President at the Company. Her responsibility ranged from acquiring, interviewing, training and resolving issues with employees as well as human resources, applicant tracking and recording, and leadership


In 2015, Julie began to serve in Deutsche bank an investment bank that originated from Germany in 1870. She swiftly rose to the position of Executive Recruiter and works with both private and commercial business leaders to develop efficient talent recruitment strategies. Julie is also in charge of handling offers for management level positions and uses her expertise and experience to train a team of professionals in her field that she manages.




Zuckerberg began her educational life pursuing a degree in Philosophy from City University of New York-Brooklyn College. After graduating, she continued to the New York Law School, where she earned the Juris Doctor degree (JD) before eventually deciding to settle in the field of recruitment.


Interests and Hobbies


Outside of her professional life, Julie is heavily involved in charity and volunteers for several charitable causes including animal charities, arts and culture charities, economic issues, and more. She also organizes seminars for teaching and helping those in the recruitment industry advance in the highly competitive career.


To unwind, Julie engages in one of her many hobbies including running, photography and discovering new art and technology. Her social media involvement includes a Twitter account (@juliezuckerberg) and Pinterest profile under her name.


It is clear that Zuckerberg’s career is far from its peak despite her many achievements. But so far she stands as evidence that hard work and excellence pays.