Clayton Hutson Remains a Top Music Producer

Any musician would feel honored to have the opportunity to work with a multitalented, experienced veteran of the music industry such as Clayton Hutson. Over the years, Clayton Hutson has positively impacted the careers of a star-studded assortment of musical artists through his talents in touring and live entertainment production. As one of the most revered live music producers today, he has earned this reputation by ensuring a memorable, one of a kind experience for every single audience member that attends one of his enthralling events. A noteworthy characteristic that separates Clayton Hutson from many other music producers in the industry is his ability to connect with his artists on a more personal level; he consistently makes an effort to take the thoughts and feelings of the artists he works with into consideration. Feedback from his artists about the intricacies of their specific fanbases allow him to incorporate an intimate fan to artists relationship at shows. Clayton Hutson admires artists like Lady Gaga and Pink that do not heavily rely on a large video screen in the background, these two women possess cult-like followings and are set apart because they prioritize art and individuality in their live performances evident from the inclusion of practical attractions such as aerial stunts and acrobatics.


Clayton Hutson has managed to stay relevant in a music industry that is constantly evolving. The unforgiving nature of the music business is one that he has become fully aware of as a result of witnessing bouts of complacency in many artists and producers not striving toward musical progression causing a continuous decline. New technological advancements periodically arise that Clayton Hutson has had to adjust to, such as those that pertain to the live music genre or social media. Having a strong presence on social media platforms has been an important factor for Clayton Hutson to maintain success in the music industry today. Most recently, Clayton Hutson has been chosen to be the 2018 tour manager for young rising pop sensation Halsey on her “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” tour as she travels across the world to locations like Brisbane, Buenos Aires, Montreal, Singapore, Jakarta, and London. On this worldwide live tour managed by Clayton Hutson, Halsey is accompanied by four other talented female vocalists; one is a member of the pop group, Fifth Harmony, Lauren Jauregui and the others include an Indonesian singer named Niki, a Canadian singer named Jessie Reyez and R&B standout Kehlani. Learn more: