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This article is going to discuss fantasy baseball, focusing on who is worthy of being picked for your MLB lineup. First on the list is Luis Perdomo, a pitcher for the Padres. Perdomo is consistent, but may not be your first choice for your waiver due to his lack of winnings. Ben Gamel, an outfielder for the Mariners, is rising in his career, but is known for stealing bases. Next on the list is Rhys Hoskins, first baseman of the Phillies. He would be ideal to put towards the top of your list with his homerun streak. Ryan Schimpf, second baseman for the Padres, may not be the best choice for your lineup. He has a high homerun streak but his batting average is not the greatest. Eddie Butler, pitcher for the Cubs, is not ideal for the top of the lineup either. He has a low strikeout rate that can affect your lineup. Jed Lowrie, second baseman for the Athletics, would be a good candidate for your lineup, due to his high homerun streak. Next on the list is Hansel Robles, pitcher of the Mets. Robles is known for his fastballs and resulting his games in victories. He would be a good person to have on your lineup because even if the game is going south, he will fix it by the ninth inning. Kennys Vargas, designated hitter and first baseman for the Twins, has a decent homerun streak, but it is his walk rate that would cause a worry to your lineup. Jose Urena, pitcher for the Marlins, is a candidate to choose when he gets adjusted to starting in the game. Lastly, Jorge Soler, an outfielder for the Royals, would be a good player for your lineup when he heals from his injury.


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