How InnovaCare Health Under Rick Shinto Has Triumphed Amid Competition And Challenges

InnovaCare Health has grown and developed from a small entity to a reliable and established company capable of serving clients from a wide geographical region. The leadership team of the company has changed to include focused professionals who hold many years of experience and since 2012, these changes have reflected more success and stability in the provision of services.

As the most preferred provider of managed healthcare services within Puerto Rico, InnovaCare Health has proved to be one of the best-organized company in that industry across the country. These achievements are attributed to the effort the leadership team has put.

Rick Shinto
Rich Shinto is a professional with many years working as a clinical science expert. He holds an MBA from Redlands University and has published a number of journals and articles on clinical medicine. Before he joined InnovaCare Health in 2012, Rick Shinto was working as the CEO and President of Aveta Inc. His presence at Aveta was a great addition since he came up with policies that helped the company to overcome many challenges and its struggling past.

He was appointed in 2012 to take over the position of the CEO and President at InnovaCare Health and since then, the company has seen massive changes that have brought about profits and benefits to users of managed healthcare services. Before he moved to Aveta in 2008, Rick Shinto worked as the CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Medical Pathways Management Ltd.

Penelope Kokkinides
Penelope Kokkinides is the acting Chief Administrative Officer at Innovacare Health and she is among professionals who have contributed to the growth of the company over the last few years.

Penelope Kokkinides has worked with several successful companies and one of the companies she steered before joining InnovaCare Health is Aveta Inc. She was appointed the Executive Vice President and she worked closely with Rick Shinto before they moved to InnovaCare Health.

About InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare Health is a physician practice services provider based in Puerto Rico. The company has been operational for many years and since the past one decade, they have embraced new measures that have sought to adjust performance on Through new technology and better policies, InnovaCare Health has come up with cheaper Medicare Advantage plans and reliable systems that have seen the number of subscribers increase to over 200,000.


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