Jeremy Goldstein Assisting those in Exceptional Times of Need

If you’ve never heard of the Lawyer Referral Information Service or Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, you’re in for a treat. LRIS is the New York Bar Association’s new attorney referral service online. LRIS replaces the former telephone referral service; those who aren’t able to access a local referral agency can now get quick and easy legal recommendations. The best benefits are that the potential client can simply submit a one-time request to be reviewed by an expert. If a great match is made, they can set up an appointment for only $35. This is quite cheaper than attorney’s who will bill hourly for the same service, yielding a much higher price tag. Attorneys benefit by having prequalified clients and are able to devote more time to their practice. Clients save time by not having to shop around and sort through endless advertisements or having to repeat their story many times over.


Jeremy L. Goldstein is an attorney devoted to helping others. Coming from a prominent firm as a partner, he’s now in charge of his own firm. Goldstein’s boutique law firm is dedicated to handling sensitive corporate legal matters like executive compensation, policy writing and management and several other areas of litigation. His educational background includes a Juris Doctor degree from NYU, where he graduated with honors.


Jeremy Goldstein’s accomplishments are plentiful. He’s been invited to speak and consult at some of the leading conferences on corporate law. He also contributes advice to the NYU Journal of Law, as well as Harvard University’s publication on corporate governance issues. Being such a well rounded and admired legal professional, his track record is full of success. He also serves as a director of the social services division of a local charity. Not only does Goldstein assist clients, but those who are unable to care for themselves. These noble efforts are what makes Jeremy Goldstein one of the leading attorneys in modern law.


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