Meet Investment Advisor; Paul Mampilly

There are many successful investors in the world, but a few of them share useful information on how to succeed in business. Paul Mampilly is a successful entrepreneur who has over 20 years’ experience in business. He has featured in main TV broadcasts like CNBC and Bloomberg Tv to share helpful information about investments. Mampilly is an expert in the stock market and he offers advice on which stocks to buy and the appropriate time to buy them.

After his education, Paul joined banking industry where he worked for high ranked banks like Deutsche Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland where he managed big financial accounts. He left banking industry and joined Kinetics Asset Management where he was in charge of hedge fund management. He worked hard and under his leadership, the company’s asset value grew to $25 billion. Mampilly has excellent financial management skills and he has won many awards like Templeton Foundation award where he participated in an investment competition and won comfortably.

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Paul Mampilly started investing in stock market very early. He invested in Sarepta Therapeutics and Netflix and after the companies’ shares appreciated in value, he sold the shares and made huge profits. Mampilly learned how stock markets work and he decided to help local people with investment tips that give them profits. He founded Profits Unlimited and he is a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. Mampilly aims at helping Main Street Americans in making profits and accumulating wealth from investments.

Mampilly is very certain for investors to succeed they must explore the market. When you explore the market, you will see some companies are not performing well while others are picking slowly. Therefore, Mampilly uses this tactic to invest in companies that are growing but their stocks are low. As the company grows and gains ground, their stocks appreciate significantly and at that time you can sell them. Mampilly focuses on trends and human behaviors to predict preferences of investors.

Paul Mampilly also advises investors to pay attention to the food industry. Food consumption has significantly increased in the United States and many people are willing to spend any amount to have nice food. Investing in big restaurants can be a great investment. There is ready market as a result of Millennia generation who are not afraid to spend on food. Also, food delivering business is becoming famous. Therefore, investing in a food delivery service business is a perfect move. Mampilly is positive with exceptional services and excellent foods, your investment will grow. Mampilly also encourages people to invest in the future by being innovative.

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