Michael Zomber Uses His Passion To Make A Difference in the World


A passionate arm collector and antique arms, Michael Zomber, has now been collecting antiques for over 30 years where he has managed to gain lots of experience and reputation as being an ethical and knowledgeable dealer. Michael Zomber has already been featured as an expert and a historian on many occasions in the History Channel series, Tales of the Gun.


Born to German immigrants back in 1949 in Washington D.C, Zomber has always endeavored to protect history by assembling, taking care of and selling antique arms that consist of vintage Japanese samurai swords. Michael Zomber also aspires in working together with other people who have similar passion of protecting the history. As a historian, Michael is fully aware of the horrors and futility of armed conflict that has made him be a firm follower of the NGOs that aspire in ensuring there is peace such as UNICEF, Doctors without Borders, Amnesty International, and Global Exchange.


Michael Zomber has also shared his expertise with the Americans as a guest historian on the Tales of the Gun Series in the History Channel that also include Million Dollar Guns, Guns of the Orient, Dueling Pistols, Automatic Pistols and Guns of the Famous.

Zomber also refers to an international authority on the Japanese samurai swords. Zomber is known to be a storyteller at heart. The credits he has achieved in writing includes more than a dozen of screen plays and a good number of historical novels such as the nonfiction work, Jesus and the Samurai, Shogun Lemitsu and the Sweet Betsy that’s Me: A child of the Civil War. All these are now available in print. “Soul of the Samurai,” his acclaimed documentary film was produced together with his wife Andrea by Renascent Films LLC which is their propriety firm, and is listed on IMDb.


Zomber is well aware of the horrors and the futility of the armed conflict as a historian and is unwavering in support of the NGO’s whose main agenda is to foster peace such as Amnesty International, Global Exchange, Doctors Without Borders and UNICEF.

Zomber has two children Christopher and Gabriella, and they reside outside Philadelphia together with his wife, as his Facebook shows.

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