Brodget Scar Has Faced Adversity And Acheived Success With Grace And Dignity

Bridget Scarr is an exceptional woman, who has built a career out of her unique, and creative talents as a writer. The content she creates is of a compelling nature, and is partially responsible for her success as an Executive Producer. Her talents can be seen in the projects she has completed for television, animation, and advertising, for the past fifteen years. She understands the importance of reaching the emptions of her audience, and excels in her chosen career. Her career brought her to Colibri Studios, where she works with numerous projects, using her skills to bring them to life.


Bridget Scar attributes much of her success to meditation. This is how she grounds herself, pinpoints her focus, and begins, and ends each day. A lot of her inspiration comes from her son, and spending time together is one of the greatest joys of her life. The stories she creates in her professional life are about history, landmarks, and based off the stories of real people in history. She takes as much time is necessary to make these stories evocative, and reach her audience in the way she desires.


Bridget Scar possesses a free, and creative spirit. Her life has taught her what is important, and a real connection to the world around her is achieved through nature. She is rare in the sense that she appreciates everything that surrounds her, and she is a believer in the magic found within life. Her life has not been an easy journey. Her first business did not survive, and she was forced to accept failure, physical threats, public defamation, and a nasty smear campaign. At the time she was pregnant, and she lost everything she had. The child she carried became a son who heled her move on with her life. She learned to appreciate what she had, strengthen her faith, heal, and appreciate opportunities.


Bridget Scar will always hold gratitude for the people who helped her rebuild her life, and hopes to find a way to repay them one day. She has stated her faith in people, and humanity was restored due to the grace of these individuals. She believes the future rests in the hands of technology. That is provides people with the ability to improve their lives, experience new places, and see everything the world can offer. She overcame adversity, and came back stronger, wiser, and perhaps gentler than she was before her world was torn apart. Bridget Scar is more than a woman to be admired, she is a woman to be respected.


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The role of Larkin and Lacey in protecting the human rights through their Fontera Fund

All human rights together with those of the immigrants and refugees in general should be upheld no matter where they are.

However, this is not the case and thus the reason as to why it is important that the various groups are in place to help in the fight not only for human rights but also civil rights as well as immigrant rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael: and

It is the role of such groups to facilitate fair representation via the execution of the universal standards in addition to adherence to the rule of law.

The Phoenix New Times and the Village Voice Media is under the ownership of the two individual, that is, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The two had got detained, but their incarceration case was pending. The case was against the Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The conclusion was that they had gotten arrested without the appropriate cause. Their detention executed on the 18th October 2007 was therefore unlawful, and as a result, they got compensated for it.The compensation was worth a cumulative of $3.75 million.

Their detention followed their removal from their homes which occurred at night.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Funds group indulge in the championship of the rights of the minority. It also enhances the engagement of the public throughout Arizona inclusive of the Mexican border. Professionally, the two individuals Larkin and Lacey are journalists. It is worth acknowledging that their rights underwent issues similar to the human injustice.

Some refugees often flee their countries into other countries with the hope of getting justice in the countries that they move and settle in.

Others have the feeling that they don’t get justice for the injustices they faced while fleeing and after settling in these new nations. They, therefore, decide to relocate with hoping that they are going to get what is worth their efforts.

The better fraction of the amount that the organizations gain to carry out its operations often emerges from the contribution of the well-wishers. Such includes those who believe in the agenda of the organization and thus give their hands to facilitate the initiatives of the company in progress.

Therefore, all the people are equal before God, and it is for this reason that everyone should receive justice throughout.

It is only in such ways as the establishment of groups that justice can be found thus making the world a good place to live for everyone throughout the current and the future generations.

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Talos Energy Leads in Historic Mexican Well Dig

Recently, Talos Energy teamed up with London based Premiere Oil, and Mexican based Sierra Gas and Oil to drill a non government run well in Mexico’s Sureste Basin on the coast of Tabasco. The Zama-1 well is the first well not drilled by the, Petroleos Mexicanos, a government run drilling company, in an attempt to help revitalize the economy by offering foreign investment opportunities.

The Zama-1 well is supposedly oil rich with up to 500 million dollars worth of crude oil waiting for drilling. The process is said to take up to 90 days, costing Premiere Oil an estimated $16 million to complete. The bid was won in 2015 after the first round of open bidding. Outside companies will be watching the drilling process and total oil garnered from the Zama-1 closely according to industry sources. The total stakes are as follows: Talos Energy, the operator of the well hold 35%, Sierra Oil holds 40%, and Premiere Oil holds a 25% stake in the drill venture.

Talos Energy was started by Tim Duncan and his partners after amassing a $600 million dollar start up from previous investors. The owners of Talos Energy have a unique structure to the business and that pays off with the staff they employ. Every employee, whether it’s a geoscientist or receptionist have an actual stake in the company. The owners state the the risks lie with them and the rewards with the employees. Their Facebook Page.

This frame of mind seems to be working as Talos Energy has been expanding, from 15 employees up to 120 currently. Talos Energy has been named as one of the best small businesses to work for according to Workplace Dynamics. Talos Energy has been acquiring gas and oil subsidiaries such as Helix Energy Solutions, which have put Talos Energy in the position for more growth in 2017. To read more about Talos Energy, please click here.

Great Diplomat Daniel Taub

There are many sides to Daniel Taub. From being an international lawyer, diplomat, combat medic to a writer. The British born former ambassador of Israel to the U.K is a remarkable individual who has excelled in many aspects of his career. Having studied in some of the most prestigious universities in the world, namely Oxford and Harvard, he moved to Israel in the late 80s and joined the Israeli Defense Forces where he served as a military medic. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

Soon afterward, he started writing speeches for the then president of Israel Chaim Herzog. This step may have been the stepping-stone that propelled him into a career diplomat since he then joined the foreign affairs ministry in 1991.

Diplomacy may be the greatest achievement of Daniel Taub as is evident in his outstanding legacy when working in the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs as a legal advisor. He contributed immensely to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and the Israeli –Syrian negotiations. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

During his time as the Israel ambassador to the U.K, he also made tremendous progress in strengthening cooperation between the two countries proving critics within the Israeli foreign ministry wrong who had earlier protested his appointment claiming he was too young for the job. He appreciated his job in Britain citing the pivotal role it plays in Europe as a financial capital of the world and a close ally of Israel.

Daniel Taub’s reputation has gained him audience within university halls where he gives lectures on international law. He has also featured on various television networks where he has appeared on several interviews. His love for writing has got him published in several newspapers at home and abroad. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

His book, Parasha Dipmomatit has been praised by many scholars for its insights into diplomatic affairs on a biblical aspect. His written work extends to fiction with a screen writing he wrote being shown on Israeli television in the drama series HeChatzer.

The Israeli community living in Britain respects Daniel Taub and has invited him for various occasions with his wife, Zehava. He has stated that Jewish people living outside Israel are a great asset to the nation of Israel.

It’s important to remember his negotiation work that resulted in the re admission of the Israel red cross into the international red cross after 70 years of exclusion. Upon retiring as ambassador, Daniel Taub returned to Israel where he now serves as the director of planning and strategy at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation in Jerusalem.

Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne Partners with Edison Research

Norman Pattiz, the Executive Officer of PodcastOne, has announced Edison Research’s results of a series of comprehensive studies about the effectiveness of podcast advertising. His research involved the study of five major national consumer brands across different categories of products and services. It was the first ever study of pre and post campaign podcast advertising conducted in 2016. The results showed a significant impact of podcast advertising on intent to purchase, brand recall, and recall of specific messaging. Learn more:

Edison Research conducted three separate studies on five different major national brands to determine the effectiveness of podcast advertising. Some of the well-known brands were looking to launch new messaging while market entrants were seeking to increase awareness and trial. In all cases, Edison Research conducted online surveys of audiences of several leading podcasts before running podcast advertising campaigns and after running each brand for 4-6 weeks using the same methodology. The results of pre and post campaign studies showed increased willingness to purchase those brands and recall of specific messaging.

The core focus of the study was to independently verify that podcast advertising was way far effective than traditional advertising formats. These results validated PodcastOne’s multi-tiered approach to digital advertising. Tom Webster, the Vice President of Strategy at Edison Research feels excited to partner with PodcastOne to verify the impact of podcast advertising. These results can definitively show that podcast advertising provides enhanced brand awareness. It has a significant impact on a variety of effectiveness measures.

About PodcastOne

PodcastOne is the leading provider of podcast advertising solutions in the nation. Currently, it presents over 340 hours of programming weekly across over 200 podcast networks. PodcastOne was founded by Norman Pattiz, the founder of Westwood One, a radio giant.

About Edison Research

Edison Research is a leading researcher on issues related to podcast advertising. Besides survey research, Edison Research provides strategic direction to its clients such as Disney, the U.S. International Broadcasting Bureau, Sony, Activation, Dolby Laboratories, Yahoo, Gulf News, Time Warner, and Google. Edison Research partners with some of the largest radio ownership groups in the United States such as Emmis, Radio One, Bonneville, Entercom, and CBS Radio. Besides, Edison Research solely provides exit poll data for the National Election Pool, which comprises of CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, CNN, and the Associated Press. It also provides consumer exit polling and conducts studies in nearly every imaginable venue. Learn more:

George Soros: Democrats’ Most Influential Donor

George Soros is one of the most influential businessmen in New York. For over thirty years, George Soros has been growing his hedge fund management. Part of that includes his Soros Quantum Fund. The Soros Quantum Fund helps develop businesses through intricate steps and accessibility. George Soros offers his time and wealth to the elite rich individuals, because of his financial success in business. George has amassed his wealth through extremely risky currency trades, leaving many in shock.

George Soros is the founder and CEO of Soros Quantum Fund. The Soros Quantum Fund is based in New York and helps develop business successes through the principles of development. Globally, George Soros is known as the man who shorted the British pound. George Soros’ wealth has been made through betting against global currencies. George Soros’ successes has helped him launch the Open Source Foundation, which is a global network connected throughout every continent. The Open Source Foundation is a nonprofit group that offered $5 million in grants for community organizations and civil rights groups. George Soros is a strong advocate for groups that are often discriminated against for no reason. Know more on about George Soros.

George Soros is a Hungarian Jew and survived the Nazi occupation of his home country. The Nazi’s managed to exterminate more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews. George Soros and his family survived the horror by hiding their true identities and security fake identity papers. George Soros and his family helped others escape as well. George Soros later fled to London, where he gained work as a part-time railway porter and night-club waiter. George Soros attended the London School of Economics and then later emigrated to New York, where he has lived ever since.

Know more:

George Soros has become one of the Democratic Party’s leading donors. He gave more than $25 million to Hillary Clinton and her 2016 presidential campaign. George Soros has been able to influence other donors into giving even more to candidates and causes. The work of George Soros helped fund Hillary Clinton’s campaign and developed a strong war chest. George Soros’ contributions gave Clinton a massive campaign operation advantage over Donald Trump’s campaign operations. At the end of June, George Soros had pledged over $7 million in donations to groups supporting and defending Hillary Clinton.

George Soros intended to witness Hillary Clinton accept the nomination for president, but was forced to cancel, so he could monitor the economic situation in Europe. Insiders have said George Soros has become more politically active because of his deep trust in Hillary Clinton and his complete distrust of Donald Trump. George Soros even accused Donald Trump of working as a member of ISIS. George Soros continues to help those who are in need of someone who can speak out for them. Visit his profile on Twitter.

How Kevin Seawright’s New Business Changed A Life

Many people across Baltimore may have been excited this last year when Kevin Seawright announced on the Larry Young radio show that new housing opportunities were coming to the city through his new company, RPS Solutions Inc. But probably nobody was as blessed to have the opportunity as Jerrel Brown, a young man that Seawright had once taken under his wings. Brown works for Baltimore’s housing authority, a job that has its perks but still not a salary that allows him to buy a home. Read more: Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions LLC Assist Baltimore City Housing Employee Attain First Home

Not long ago Seawright contacted him about buying a renovated home through RPS’s home ownership program, a program that provides financing and lower upfront costs to buyers. Since then Brown has been able to provide his family with a quality house.

Kevin Seawright has been mostly focused on real estate investing and development as Managing Partner of this new company, but his career transcends many years in public accounting and public fund management. A graduate of Notre Dame’s Mendoza School of Business, Seawright holds certifications in accounting and executive leadership.

He served in Baltimore’s public services departments including the Parks & Recreation, public schools and mayoral administrative tasks. He brought CitiStat to Baltimore, a program that uses data analytics to assess department performance and allow the mayoral office to respond to the areas of need. But Seawright also has served in the private sector.

Seawright joined Tito Contactors in 2011, a commercial contracting service in Washington D.C. that includes an array of construction and remodeling services tailored to commercial clients. Seawright allowed the company to maximize its operations through implementing new budgeting strategies.

In the midst of a rebuilding boom in Newark, Seawright was chosen to come be the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the city’s Community Economic Development Corporation.

Kevin Seawright led several new rebuilding programs while there, but in 2016 decided to focus on his new goals at RPS Solutions. Seawright has mentored other young men besides Brown and has coached youth sports throughout his career.

He’s also been a leader at the Babe Ruth Museum in his spare time, and a father to a young girl named Tia.

Mike Baur Takes Swiss Startup Ecosystem to Greater Heights

Mike Baur’s Background


Mike Baur worked in the Swiss Private Banking sector for almost 20 years. He worked at UBS as a commercial apprentice before making his way up as a member in the Board of Directors of the Swiss Private Banks. His entrepreneurial journey began in 2014 after founding Think Reloaded, a strategic advisory firm. Here, he would offer strategic advisory services to wealthy families and individuals. Over time, Mike Baur has become a force to reckon in the Swiss start-up space. In December 2016, Mike Baur featured on an article that talked about his career in the Wall Street Journal. Besides, he devotes much of his time to support Swiss digital start-ups.


About the Swiss Startup Factory


In 2015, Mike joined forces with his two partners to found, Swiss Startup Factory, today’s premier privately-financed and sovereign startup accelerator in Switzerland. Mike became fascinated with the subject of finance and banking way back as a teenager. Today, Mike feels proud for making his childhood passion his career. The idea for creating Swiss Startup Factory came from Mike Baur’s experience as a startup investor. Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory would be used as a business execution platform to help Swiss start-ups get to the next level.


Mike Baur uses the canvas approach to bring his ideas to life. That means he has to test any idea before bringing it to the market. As such, Mike doesn’t come up with ideas that seem fantastic but irrelevant to the market. Building a product that is unrelated to your target market doesn’t make sense. In fact, this is a waste of money, energy, and time. Aspiring entrepreneurs should invest in a minimally available product or service, measure its relevance to the market, learn from the market feedback, and validate the results.


Startup acceleration is an intensive process. As such, Mike Baur’s daily schedule changes quite often depending on startups’ needs. He usually gets up at around 5 am when almost all his emails are answered. With this, Mike can focus on interacting with young tech entrepreneurs instead of sitting behind his laptop screen to respond to emails. His most important thing is to interact with start-up owners. Mike Baur feels excited about virtual and augmented reality and is convinced that reality will change the world and impact the startup industry in the future.


Larkin and Lacey

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights operates as part of its mission for everyone to have the right to life, liberty and security. These should be the basic tenets of human rights throughout the world we live in. Unfortunately, today the world is still fighting for civil rights, human rights, and migrant rights.

Each calendar month we celebrate these rights, especially during the month of October, when we recognize days like Domestic Violence Month; Universal Children’s Day; World Habitat Day; World Mental Health Day; Indigenous Peoples Day; World Food Day; International Day for the Eradication of Poverty; International Day for Tolerance; United Nations Day and World Development Information Day.

There are a number of notable groups who are dedicated to helping individuals in their right to civil, human, and migrant rights. These include the following:

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are journalists who established this organization and whose basic premise is human rights. Messrs. Lacey and Larkin are co-founders of the Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times. They were wrongfully arrested in 2007 in Maricopa County, Arizona.

They took their case to court and won a substantial settlement. With their settlement, they established the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The Fund is designed to help support organizations defend the human rights of the immigrant’s in Arizona, as well as other supporting groups for civil, human and migrant’s rights.

Justice That Works

Maricopa County in Phoenix and the state is the center point to bring human right justice to the justice system. Attorney Heather Hamel founded Justice That Works to help those who are incarcerated become rehabilitated in a positive way, rather than throwing people in jail and forgetting about them. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

This organization’s goal is to change the hearts, minds, laws, and court practices and policies of probation and prison incarceration. Justice That Works is a national grassroots organization that is encouraging the practice of providing help to the incarcerated by offering drug assistance, teaching them a skill, and to show that the court’s do care about rehabilitation practices.

Advocates for Human Rights

For over 30 years, this advocacy organization has worked to help refugees and immigrants all around the globe. Their mission is to reveal human rights violations and push for legal reform. Advocates for Human Rights has worked in the U.S., Africa, Europe and South American nations.

This organization began with a group of Minnesota attorneys who saw a need to promote and protect human rights. They help refugees who are seeking asylum, the group trains and provides legal representation for low income and newly arrived immigrants.

The Carter Center

The Carter Center is committed to human rights and to eradicate human suffering in the U.S and around the world. The Center seeks to prevent and resolve conflicts, to strengthen the right to freedom and democracy, and to increase health research.

The Carter Center seeks to be the voice of human rights around the world. They work with groups, individuals and governments in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Jim Larkin

Dr. Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides: the Pivot to InnovaCare’s success

InnovarCare’s current president and CEO, Rick Shinto, was one of the most valuable additions to the Innovacare team. He and Penelope Kokkinides have proven to be invaluable members of their family courtesy of their dedication, hard work, and excellent leadership skills. Dr. Shinto has repeatedly been credited for the positive change at InnovaCare. Upon joining the team, it did not take him long to establish himself as a source of inspiration to his subordinates.He has since revolutionaries operations in an organization that is responsible for making medical services more affordable to the average citizen. Courtesy of InnovaCare Inc, more members of the Puerto Rican community can now access better, affordable health care services. The move was made possible by the genius use of technology in the organization to ensure that cheaper therapeutic options are offered to residents without loss of service quality.

Dr. Richard Shinto’s career started as a pulmonologist in Southern California. Since then, he has enjoyed significant success, which included being a renowned author of articles regarding important subjects such as health care and clinical medicine. He was also a president and CEO of Aveta Inc. It was during while working here that he won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The award is dedicated to offering recognition to entrepreneurs who demonstrate an undying commitment to success through financial performance, innovation, and the desire to serve the society.Before this position in California, he was the Chief Operational Officer and the Chief Medical Officer at Pathways Management Company. Indeed, his has been a busy career that culminated in InnovaCare’s presidency. His business savvy, experience and honest desire to make the situations of others better are some of the reasons that make InnovaCare a top provider of medical care.Penelope Kokkinides, the current Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare, is another individual who has been pivotal to the organization’s success. She served as the Controlling Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Touchstone Health.

About InnovaCare

InnovaCare, Inc is a renowned healthcare provider that operates health plans in Rick Shinto– MMM Healthcare, Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. It manages two Medicaid programs in the Puerto Rican Government Health Plan (GHP). It is the sole provider of NCQA-accredited health plans in the Island.