Robert Johnson’s Mission To Stop Illegal Cell Phone Usage Has Become A Securus Technologies Mission

March 5th, 2010 is a day that Robert Johnson will remember forever. That was the day his life changed irrevocably. Until that fateful day, Mr. Johnson worked as a corrections officer for the South Carolina prison system for 15 years, stopping contraband from entering the prison system. A few weeks before March 5th, Mr. Johnson stopped contraband valued at about $50,000 from entering the prison system. That proved to be an almost fatal decision as Mr. Johnson’s home was forcibly entered on the morning of March 5th. Mr. Johnson met his assailant in the hallway of his home, there was a short tussle and Mr. Johnson was ultimately shot six times in the stomach and chest area. Robert technically died twice during surgery but was too stubborn to give up.


After Mr. Johnson’s long recovery, he found out that the hit on his life was scheduled from inside the prison where he worked by an inmate with a temporary, burner cell phone. The payment made to the would be assassin was made on a reloadable credit card. The assassin, Sean Echols, has been caught and convicted for the crime. This situation has lead to Mr. Johnson working with Securus Technologies as a paid consultant. Robert works with the “Wireless Containment System” to block illegal cell phone usage inside prison walls.


Securus Technologies’ latest invention in the tech world appears to be a huge blessing to agencies waging the war against illegal activity. The system works by making its own cellular network, identifying the attempted call, and capturing the outgoing signal. From there, Securus can do what they want with the captured cell phone call. And the person making the call is none wiser to the containment system. They think their own network is working just fine. So far since it’s inception, Securus Technologies have blocked 1.7 million unauthorized phone calls so far.


Securus Technolgies has been protecting staff, inmates, and family for many years. Securus specializes in: emergency response, incident management, information management, investigation, biometric analysis, communications, safety systems, and inmate self service. Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus oversees safety and/ or communications for over 3400 facilities and sees to the communication needs of 1,200,000 inmates daily. To read more about Securus, please click here.