WAX Token and Malcolm CasSele Changing the Worlds of Cryptocurrency and Gaming

OPSkins, a company that is considered to be an international leader of in-game virtual assets, is starting a new blockchain platform called WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange).
WAX, a P2P marketplace, will be a place where you can trade virtual assets, using blockchain as a foundation. In this marketplaces, you can make small contracts with sellers and buyers that will be as efficiently as possible.
WAX is also being created to solve two of the biggest problems in digital markets: fragmentation and fraud. These problems are solved I this platform by using a widget that allows users to instantly trade goods without stopping the game that they are playing.
One of the hopes of this new platform is that it will make the virtual asset market less fragment. Right now, the marketplace is a mixture of local and regional marketplaces that can’t really succeed because they hampered by language, processing and hacking concerns They can be only successful in their regions or countries. Blockchain should solve what is handicapping other marketplaces.
The center of WAX is going to be a WAX token. People can turn their gaming assets into tokens and allow them to sell and buy with other players as they are playing games.
Each WAX token will act as a way to get in-game items and smart contracts that you can use to buy, sell, rent and trade.
Mas CasSelle, the Chief Information Officer of OPSkins and the President of WAX, thinks that the WAX token will light the world of cryptocurrency on fire.
Before getting involved in virtual world ventures, CasSelle got a bachelor’s degree from MIT and a master’s degree from Stanford University.
After Stanford, he got involved with start-ups like MediaPass, Xtre, and Tencent in China. He was then hired as Senior Vice President and General Manager in the digital department at SeaChange International. He quickly moved o to be President of New Ventures of tronc, Inc. (used to be Tribune Publishing).
He is now the CIO of OPSkins and the President.
CasSelle and the WAX token could change how people view cryptocurrency and how currency could connect to gaming.