What you need to Know Before Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift in Dallas

A Brazilian butt lift is a surgery that is meant to augment the buttocks to fit a desired shape and size. The process uses fat from other parts of the body to provide the enhancement. A plastic surgeon creates small incisions, which are used to contour the backside. The fat, which is removed from areas with excess tissue, undergoes purification before it is injected into the buttocks. A Brazilian butt lift results in a perky, younger-looking bottom. It works on increasing the volume and consequently, the voluptuousness of the rear end. Dallas, Texas has various locations such as Innovations Medical, Dr. Kevin Light Cosmetic Surgery, and Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery where interested individuals can go for Brazilian butt lift procedures.

Basics of Brazilian Butt Lift

Before the procedure, a doctor will inform you of the drugs to stop using like NSAIDs and certain supplements, which can slow down the healing process. Compared to a traditional buttock augmentation, a Brazilian butt lift is less invasive. It is still a surgical procedure though and therefore, local anesthesia will be administered. General anesthesia or a sedative is only considered if the fat removal procedure will be an extensive one. A surgeon can use any number of techniques, including laser, ultrasonic waves, and vibrations to dissolve the fat. After surgery, a patient can resume normal activities within three weeks or a month, depending on the personal rate of recovery.

Finding the Right Surgeon

It is critical that a Brazilian butt lift surgery is done by a qualified, certified, and experienced professional in Dallas. Cosmetic surgery locations like North Texas Plastic Surgery, Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, and BodEvolve Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa provide before and after photos of patients, as well as testimonials that candidates can use to gauge the quality of service. The cost of a Brazilian butt lift varies among plastic surgeons because it is a customized procedure. However, ask beforehand what the overall rate covers.