Why Madison Street Capital Is A Leader In Mergers And Acquisitions

Every business person that is worth their salt knows that growth is one of the core qualities that is required for an enterprise to be successful in the long term. Though growth can come with its own challenges, growth in revenue, market share and a capacity to offer clients new and valuable services and products are necessary parts of preventing a company’s stagnation. There are many ways for companies to meet the benchmarks that they have set for their goals for expansion. Sometimes expansion can occur organically when companies strategically position themselves to enter markets and industries that show a high potential for demand. Companies can develop long term game plans that are designed to help them reach the goals that they have set for themselves. Businesses can also spark the growth that they are interested in achieving by achieving it inorganically. They can do this through deciding to select a company that they can acquire. The company that is being sold must go through the process of determining how much they are worth so that price for their sale can be set.


There is the question of which assets or divisions that the acquiring company will want to take on. A company that is interested in making a purchase might not be willing to take on a product line, department or subsidiary brand that could end up being a liability or that has not proven to profitable. Then there is also the question of the most important part of any company: the employees. When the ownership of a company changes hands often times the people who work for the company being acquired change as well. The leader of a department may be let go in favor of a hire that comes from the company that is initiating the purchase.


One company that specializes in mergers and acquisitions is the mid-western financial services company Madison Street Capital. The company has offices in the United States in Illinois, in Ghana and in India. It facilitated an international merger that ended up landing it a nomination for Best International Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year. Madison Street Capital was also nominated for another award because of its excellence in dealmaking. It was nominated for the Industrials Deal of the Year for transactions that are under $100 million. Both of its nominations prove that the Madison Street Capital reputation for offering high quality financial services is real.


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