Brian Bonar Success in the Finance Industry

Brian Bonar is a respected finance executive and investor who is based in the United States. Bonar has been in the finance industry for a long time, acquiring a lot of experience and expertise. The successful entrepreneur loves sharing his vast knowledge with other individuals from different parts of the globe. At the moment, Brian Bonar is the chief executive officer at an organization known as Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Dalrada Financial Corporation main offices are found in San Diego. Under the leadership of Brian Bonar, the financial company has done well, opening branches in several parts of the country.

Dalrada offers its clients finance solutions, insurance products, employee benefit programs, and business process outsourcing. The organization has earned the trust of many customers in the country because of its services.

This year, Brian Bonar was given the Cambridge Who is Who award for his achievements in the finance industry. Bonar received the Finance Executive of the year awards in a ceremony that was attended by finance executives from all parts of the world. The award is only given to individuals and companies because of their academic qualifications and achievements.

Brian Bonar has several academic qualifications. Bonar got his first degree from an institution known as the James Watt Technical College. Bonar went to this institution from 1963 to 1969. At James Watt College, the finance executive specialized in mechanical engineering. After completing his education at this college, Bonar went to further his studies at Stafford University. He acquired his Master’s degree in the university in 1985.

Apart from being the chief executive officer and president of the famous finance company. Bonar has several other top positions in several organizations. Bonar is the CEO and chairman of Trucept. Trucept is an institution based in California.

Trucept specializes in payroll activities, human resources administration and employee benefits. As the chief executive officer of the organization, Bonar has done a lot to ensure that the company remains successful.

According to White Pages, Brian Bonar was appointed to work at Trucept ten years ago. Since his appointment to this position, the organization has grown significantly. The international company has increased its sales, and it has been recognized in several platforms as one of the successful businesses in the country.

In the past, Brian Bonar worked for several organization. Some of these include AMS Outsourcing Company, Allegiant Professional Services, Bezier Systems and several other private companies. Not long ago, the successful businessman decided to venture into the restaurant industry.

One of his biggest restaurants is known as Bellamy, and it is located in San Diego.