Customers Drive Kate Hudson’s fabletics Brand Towards Success

The Online retail sector has become one of the most crowded with new vendors opening on a regular basis across the Internet but one brand, Fabletics has become one of the fastest growing by embracing the power of the crowd. Headed by the actress, Kate Hudson, Fabletics has become one of the premier activewear retailers in a number of countries largely through its use of the Online domain to bring the power of its customers to new members across the planet.


In most cases, the dominant theory remains of customers attending a showroom and trying on clothes before returning home to seek out cheaper options Online; however, for many customers, the research completed Online is also used as the basis of which brand to purchase from. Fabletics has been open and upfront in communicating the customer reviews seen across the Internet as the company has grown to become one of the few to rival Amazon with a sales revenue expected to reach $235 million in 2017.


The numbers regarding the use of the Internet to read customer reviews and conduct research are staggering with around 84 percent of consumers revealing they trust customer reviews as much as they would a recommendation from a friend or family member. One of the most important parts of including positive reviews alongside product descriptions is the increase in search engine rankings given to those products with attached reviews. Potential customers rarely take the opportunity to read through pages of search engine results making the higher rankings an imperative to achieving success in the 21st-century retail industry.


Fabletics was established in 2013 by the leaders of the TechStyle Group which has become one of the leaders in developing retail companies in an increasingly technology-based world. The use of a lifestyle quiz completed in just minutes is one of the most effective ways of exploring the different clothing options offered by this fast-growing activewear brand which can inspire many to live a healthier lifestyle.


Kate Hudson was the first choice of the founders of Fabletics to become a partner and the main brand ambassador for the brand because of her friendly and outgoing nature which reflects the active lifestyle of the company. Unlike many brand ambassadors who customers find it difficult to believe wear the clothing they are promoting, Kate Hudson is often seen through her social media accounts wearing the clothing of the brand as she lives her life.


The “Almost Famous” actress is much more than simply a brand ambassador as she has worked diligently to become one of the most important members of the creative and business teams of the company. Fabletics has benefited from the involvement of Kate Hudson through the dedication she has shown to building a better customer service experience and ensuring the high-quality of all products associated with the Fabletics brand.

3 Reasons the New Queen on the Block Is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

“The only constant in life is change.” The clothing market continues to go through changes, nearly every month. Women can find so many more apparel varieties and accessories, then ever before. It has become difficult to decide which clothing brand is the best for them.


What do you want from your clothing line? Do you want to feel a personal commitment to your lifestyle? Do you want to find apparel that makes you feel like a queen? Here are 3 reasons why Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is competing to be #1 in the “Athleisure” industry.


Fabletics Membership Opens Doors


The modern eTailing sector will usually have a great deal of selection for plenty of cheap apparel. Fabletics loves the “affordable” and variety characteristics, but also wants to appeal to high net worth clientele. It wants to be a “premier” eTailer. So, how does it do it?


  1. Kate Hudson


Very few clothing lines are run by celebrities. Sure, you might have an endorsement and commercial, but you won’t have a celebrity making the important every day brand decisions. You can see Kate Hudson’s touch with Fabletics throughout.


Kate is hands on, looking at weekly sales figures. She admits, “What you thought would blow off the shelves isn’t resonating enough. Apparel that fails to sell is taken off the site right away.” New collections are launched every month.


  1. Reverse Showroom


Creating the deepest customer relationship can deliver the choicest profits for eTailers. When a customer visits the showroom first, she might not have any reason to visit the website. She has been able to touch, feel and try on the apparel first-hand.


Many simplistic eTailers fail to keep the customer’s attention. This is not the case at Fabletics. Fabletic’s “Reverse Showroom” technique uses the apparel as a carrot to get the customer to sign up as a member. Thereafter, the customer is connected with a showroom in their neighborhood.


  1. VIP Events


With her connections, experience and name recognition, Kate Hudson can create fun, energetic events for her members. Fabletics offers a more personalized touch to apparel, including its Lifestyle Quiz. Members can discuss what they want out of life and have the company look for matching apparel. Fabletics has made upselling fun.


By offering a more comprehensive experience, Fabletics is making its claim to be #1. All of these innovations are creating a new “Queen on the Block:” Fabletics.