George Soros: Democrats’ Most Influential Donor

George Soros is one of the most influential businessmen in New York. For over thirty years, George Soros has been growing his hedge fund management. Part of that includes his Soros Quantum Fund. The Soros Quantum Fund helps develop businesses through intricate steps and accessibility. George Soros offers his time and wealth to the elite rich individuals, because of his financial success in business. George has amassed his wealth through extremely risky currency trades, leaving many in shock.

George Soros is the founder and CEO of Soros Quantum Fund. The Soros Quantum Fund is based in New York and helps develop business successes through the principles of development. Globally, George Soros is known as the man who shorted the British pound. George Soros’ wealth has been made through betting against global currencies. George Soros’ successes has helped him launch the Open Source Foundation, which is a global network connected throughout every continent. The Open Source Foundation is a nonprofit group that offered $5 million in grants for community organizations and civil rights groups. George Soros is a strong advocate for groups that are often discriminated against for no reason. Know more on about George Soros.

George Soros is a Hungarian Jew and survived the Nazi occupation of his home country. The Nazi’s managed to exterminate more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews. George Soros and his family survived the horror by hiding their true identities and security fake identity papers. George Soros and his family helped others escape as well. George Soros later fled to London, where he gained work as a part-time railway porter and night-club waiter. George Soros attended the London School of Economics and then later emigrated to New York, where he has lived ever since.

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George Soros has become one of the Democratic Party’s leading donors. He gave more than $25 million to Hillary Clinton and her 2016 presidential campaign. George Soros has been able to influence other donors into giving even more to candidates and causes. The work of George Soros helped fund Hillary Clinton’s campaign and developed a strong war chest. George Soros’ contributions gave Clinton a massive campaign operation advantage over Donald Trump’s campaign operations. At the end of June, George Soros had pledged over $7 million in donations to groups supporting and defending Hillary Clinton.

George Soros intended to witness Hillary Clinton accept the nomination for president, but was forced to cancel, so he could monitor the economic situation in Europe. Insiders have said George Soros has become more politically active because of his deep trust in Hillary Clinton and his complete distrust of Donald Trump. George Soros even accused Donald Trump of working as a member of ISIS. George Soros continues to help those who are in need of someone who can speak out for them. Visit his profile on Twitter.

George Soros: Politically Engaged Philanthropist

In the United States, electioneering period is marked by championing for more than just political leaders. Elections also come with the several issues and initiatives on the ballot paper that voters are expected to cast their vote on. Consequently, the well-oiled campaign machines financed by rich business moguls and organizations are not confined to campaigning for political offices. Offices such as those of district attorneys and social, political, environmental and economic initiatives and policies are also voted on. According to Politico, George Soros has actively financed candidates during electioneering period to promote and safeguard ideals that he holds to be true.  Additionally, he has actively supported causes and candidates that are proponents of policy reforms and promotion of education among others.

During the 2016 elections, the wealthy tycoon pumped up to $25 million dollars in the Democratic Party presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton’s campaign machinery. This was a continuation of his tradition of financing Democratic candidates during elections; a tradition he only broke during the 2008 presidential elections. While a huge portion of these funds were donated directly to Clinton’s campaign machine, some were also channeled to Democratic Party super Political Action Committees (PACs). Additionally, Politico noted that several Democrats vying for various positions also benefited from the donations. George Soros commitment to democratic ideals saw him further donate millions of dollars to fight efforts by President Trump to rollback several initiatives by his predecessors, Barack Obama including the landmark Afford Care Act (Obama Care).

George Soros: Silently Revolutionizing American Justice and Political Systems

George Soros is a strong believer in reforming the U.S justice system. His beliefs were reflected when he donated millions of dollars to finance the campaigns of district attorneys who are committed to reforming the justice system. Mainly minority candidates, these candidates were vying on a reform platform aimed at tackling the racial bias in sentencing for certain crimes. The funds were channeled through local super PACs to finance campaign adverts in specific states such as Arizona. He has also supported democratic causes and initiatives such as creation of voter awareness and mobilization with the view of increasing voter turnout during elections.

Philanthropic Activities

George Soros is passionate about social issues plaguing various communities not only in the United States but the world over. One such issue that many countries including the U.S has had to contend with is refugees and immigrants. According to Politico, Soros set $500 million in financial aid to create businesses not only for immigrants but also the host communities where they settle in. He hopes his good gesture will spur others to follow suit. The funds will complement the efforts of his foundation and will be used to setup companies across several industries.


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End Citizens United Fighting for a Difference

In August 2015, a political action group was assembled in order to fight against the decisions made by the Supreme Court of the Unites Stated of American called ”Citizens United”. End Citizens United is a political action committee group that has amassed more than 4 000 people who support their cause and share their views on the matter of the decision of the Supreme Court. The Political Action Committee End Citizen United has fundraised more than 27 million dollars. A significant amount of money was used to fund their political work as well as to achieve equal ground with other organisations.


The Political Action Committee End Citizen United has an adamant and able team of leaders, each of whom possesses different skills that have made the political group stronger and more admired by the vast public of the United States of America.


Mrs Tiffany Muller has the responsibility of the President and Executive Director f the political action group End citizens united. She has a lot to offer in terms of leadership skills. Among the primary issues that Mrs Tiffany Muller has been fighting against is discrimination. She became the first publically announced gay public official of the state of Kansas in early 2004. That prompted a wave of acceptance, and it also strengthened the fight against discrimination and the denial of basic human rights in the area. Mrs Tiffany Muller has also done research in many political and social fields; she has also contributed greatly to the fields of progressive politics.  Right before Mrs Tiffany Muller became a part of the End citizens united political action group, she was Chief of staff for the Capitol Hill company.


Mr Jody Murphy has assumed the responsibility of the Political Director of End Citizens United. He had had more than a decade of experience with local political campaigns. He has amassed a lot of knowledge and has developed the right skills to lead a political campaign on the path to success. The early professional experience of Mr Jody Murphy includes his position prior to joining End Citizens United. He used to work for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC). He used to be at the post of Independent Expenditure Director as well as the position of Political Director for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. During these posts, Mr Jody Murphy operated in about 18 of the states of the United States of America. He graduated from the Oklahoma Baptist University and currently lives in Texas, in the city of Topeka.