Alex Pal of the Chainsmokers on Life as a Musician

During the day, Alex Pall worked at a Manhattan art gallery and at night shifted his job to be a DJ. His manager, Adam Alpert, introduced him to a music producer, Drew Taggart and together they formed The Chainsmokers. In addition to producing music, Alex Pall also writes songs and plays the piano.

Recently the duo, Pall and Taggart, sat down with Mathias Rosenzweig to discuss various topics, like how they met; how they build and keep their identity while being in their specific genre of music; what it was like to work with other musicians; and the type of person they hope will hear and connect to their music.

Alex Pall DJ’d as a side hustle because he loved and was passionate about it. To Pall, being a DJ didn’t feel like work and he loved that feeling. He realized that he wanted to enjoy a career that never felt like work, causing him to make the decision to put all of his energy into his music career. Drew Taggart, who was both Alex and Drew’s manager, introduced the pair and they instantly started working together.

Building a strong identity in a genre of music can be difficult. No matter the genre of music, the goal is to create a sound that stands out, that is different from everyone else’s. There became a point in Alex and Drew’s career where they decided to go for it and create their own sound that blended pop, indie, dance, and hip-hop music. A sound that hadn’t previously been heard in the music industry. In addition, Alex and Drew, write or take part in writing all of their songs, their songs are about them and their lives; this creates and environment that allows them to feel connected to their music.

The duo recently worked with Halsey on a song titled “Closer.” They thought that working with her was an incredible experience. Halsey had been someone that they dreamed about working with so when they had the opportunity to create a song with her it was surreal.

Obviously, as musicians, Alex and Drew want everyone to hear and connect to their music. But, according to Alex Pall, it has been most exciting to see their music become an international phenomenon, popping up in places like the Philippines and South Africa.